IPL 7: Scenarios – How Kolkata Knight Riders can make into Play-offs

Sampath Bandarupalli / 20 May 2014

The Kolkata Knight Riders have put on move in the play-offs race after a win against Mumbai Indians on Wednesday. Now they are at no.4 in points table with 5 wins (10 points) in 10 games they played. But indeed they still aren’t assured to make into the play-offs.

With 4 games remaining for them to play their scenarios with be possible if they can register at least one win among those.

Here are scenarios how the 2012 champions can make into plays-off to regain the title:

The present No.4 in points tally team, Kolkata Knight Riders will be playing in their remaining games against Sun Risers Hyderabad, Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore respectively & in last game they will play against Sun Risers Hyderabad once again.

The best possible opportunity for them to qualify is to win all those games and have 18 points in bag and qualify for play-offs as the other teams will end less than 8 wins. Which means KKR and possibly RR will make in to play-offs.

One loss (three wins) in the remaining four games:

If KKR wins three of their next games then they almost make into play-offs.

Lose to CSK: If they lose the one game to CSK, which means KKR would be winning against SRH & RCB, which shut downs the chances of RCB & SRH to spoiling KKR’s progress.

Lose to RCB: If KKR lose the one game against RCB they may end up with equal points with RCB and possibly with RR also. Then NRR comes will be considered and best of the two will go further.

Two losses (two wins) among the remaining four games:

If they lose two games of the next four matches, they can still make into play-offs depending a bit on others games. They will be hoping CSK must be winning against RCB, SRH. And possibly NRR comes into consideration again.

If KKR lose it’s both games against SRH, then they must hope that CSK must beat SRH and bring them to 14 points. In that case SRH, KKR and possibly RCB will be equal with 7 wins and NRR will be crucial in the case.

One win (three losses) in the remaining four games:

Even if they lose three games of the next four and end up with just 12 points, they still have a outside chance to get into play-offs. But they have to hope that CSK who will play against RCB & SRH must win. To be on safer side KKR must ensure their win against SRH among the two games against them or a win against RCB.

This is a blue print what Kolkata have to hope for getting into play-offs with 6 wins:

CSK vs RCB – CSK win

SRH vs RCB – RCB win (If KKR’s one win came against RCB)

CSK vs SRH – CSK win

RCB vs CSK – CSK win

If this happens exactly for KKR then they may be equal with SRH and possibly MI. The three teams will be ending with 6 wins, and Kolkata should have the better NRR compared to others.

No wins (four losses) in the remaining four games:

If Kolkata Knight Riders doesn’t win a game in the next four games they are officially out of play-offs race and just hope to end at a good position.

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