Babar Azam Has Full Support Of Veteran Javed Miandad
Babar Azam, Pakistan
Babar Azam (Image Credit: Google)

Babar Azam Has Full Support Of Veteran Javed Miandad

The legendary Pakistan cricketer Javed Miandad feels that the 25-year-old Babar Azam is the right person to lead the present Pakistan team. While Babar already started the T20I captaincy for Pakistan recently, he has been now appointed as an ODI captain too.

After making his international debut in 2015, Babar Azam has played 26 Tests, 74 ODIs and 38 T20Is, where the right-handed batsman has scored 1850 runs (average 45.12), 3359 runs (average 54.17) and 1471 runs (average 50.72) respectively. At present, he is the No. 1-ranked T20I batsman, No. 3-ranked ODI batsman and No. 5-ranked Test batsman.

Babar Azam, Pakistan captain
Babar Azam (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Now, Babar is handling the limited-overs captaincy roles of the Pakistan national cricket team. Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad recently praised the young Pakistan white-ball captain.

On his YouTube channel, Miandad said, “You (Babar) are the king of cricket and people know you for that. You just don’t need to take any kind of pressure.”

We are Pakistanis, and Urdu is our mother tongue, not English: Javed Miandad on Babar Azam’s weak spoken English

While Babar’s spoken English is not so strong enough, Miandad feels that it is not a necessary criterion to become a captain of a national team.

Babar Azam, Pakistan captain
Babar Azam (Image Credit: Twitter)

Backing the new Pakistan skipper, Miandad claimed, “Cricket is the only criteria for cricket, not English as there were many other countries in the world which doesn’t speak English. These types of statements can under-pressure the player. You (Babar) speak in Urdu and let someone translate.

Miandad further added, “You (Babar) don’t know English that’s Ok. You are the captain of Pakistan and you have to lead from the front. Discard these types of thoughts from your mind. You (Babar) have the capability to bat and lead the team, so you don’t need to get under pressure. We are Pakistanis and Urdu is our mother tongue not English.”

Miandad feels that it is only unnecessary things, and they shouldn’t waste their precious time by focusing on these unnecessary things.

The former Pakistan captain continued, “We are still caught in unnecessary things whereas rest of the world has succeeded today just because of its focus on work.”

While Javed Miandad served the Pakistan team from 1975 to 1996, he played 124 Tests, and 233 ODIs. In his international career, the right-handed batsman scored 8832 Test runs (average 52.57) and 7381 ODI runs (average 41.70). He was one of the heroes who guided the Pakistan team to win the Cricket World Cup 1992 (second-most run-scorer in that tournament; 437 runs). Miandad also led the national team in 96 international matches between 1980 and 1993.

Javed Miandad, Pakistan captain
Javed Miandad (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Miandad has full confidence in Babar Azam and the present Pakistan bowling unit.  

Miandad quoted, “We have full confidence on you people (Pakistani players). We have a very good bowling and it always win the matches.”

Pakistan can resume their international cricket with the forthcoming England tour where they will play a three-match Test series and three-match T20I series.