Former India captain, the great Kapil Dev on Tuesday said that the batting star and Vice-captain Virat Kohli would be the next icon in international cricket after Sachin Tendulkar. Virat is becoming the next legend of Indian Cricket. India are all set for a marathon five-match Test series against England starting on Wednesday, which would certainly be a huge test for the 24-year-old batsman, who has been among the prolific run-scorers for India. Virat’s performance is very much vital for India’s success.

The world previously in cricketing history has seen legends like  Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara,  Jacques  Kallis and Kevin Pietersen.  But day’s of all these greats have passed and they have retired from modern day cricket, while Pietersen was unceremoniously sacked by England after a poor outing in Australia for the Ashes 2013-14. Kapli Dev believes India’s current ranked fourth batsman in Test matches, Virat Kohli has all the potential to fill the spot of a superstar in international cricket. 

Kapil stated at the Al Jazeera, “The team cannot afford to think about him [Sachin Tendulkar] anymore. Sachin has done his job. You can’t expect the man to play 100 years of cricket. Don Bradman couldn’t play forever either. You have to move on in life and if people are always talking about him all the time then the team is not going to settle. Without a doubt, Kohli will go on to become India’s greatest batsman and make more records than anybody else. I see the talent and ability in this young boy and it’s amazing, huge for his age. He definitely has more ability than any other 24-year-old in the world.”

Kapil added that, “He’s maybe even better than Tendulkar was at 24. I don’t think even Viv Richards had scored so many runs by the time he was 24. But while these are both great players, it’s natural that the next generation is better. If as human beings we don’t believe that, they we don’t believe in evolution. So far Kohli has shown that he has the potential to break all the records by the time he’s 32-34 barring injuries and fitness issues.”

Asked about Kohli’s potential to become India captain Kapil said, “It’s not his time yet, it’s important that he waits. He’s young, he will have that opportunity in the future when he’s a little older and wiser. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a mature captain so let him do his job. If you made Kohli captain now, with Dhoni still playing under him, there would be so much confusion as to who was really in charge, that would not be fair on the team.”

Kohli was adjudged the man of the series in recently concluded ICC World T20 2014 in Bangladesh and showed his potential as a superstar. He was part of India’s ICC 2011 World Cup winning side and has already scored 1,721 runs with an average of 46.51 in Test cricket. He scored his debut Test hundred in Adelaide in the 2011-12 series against Australia. Virat Kohli one of the best young talent in Indian cricket and holds the ability to become the next legend of Indian cricket.


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