India team’s performance in the present series against England has been something more than woeful. Poor tactics, poor team selection, poor batting display and bowling inconsistencies coupled to provide a shame as a whole. India’s performances in the overseas off late angered many of the former cricketers and there has been firm statements made by some of the legendary former cricketers from the country.

This time, Kirti Azad, the former Indian cricketer and a Member of Parliament for the Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) made some firm statements about India’s disappointing performances in the recent times and exclaimed his dissatisfaction.

He went on to state that India’s performances against England made him feel ashamed. According to him, the performances were disastrous in short.

Kirti Azad said that he had earned a lot of accolades by playing for this country but now as it stands, the present Indian Cricket team makes him feel ashamed of the fact that he once played for this team.

Azad was on to a rally when he was asked about the Indian team. On that note, he exclaimed his views regarding the team.

Azad also spoke of the fact that the Indian team looked pretty much pumped up during Sourav Ganguly’s tenure as a captain. Although the team suffered loses in those times too, yet they never accepted defeat so lightly as they are presently.

Really after the second test, India team’s performance has been something more than upsetting and sheer disappointing. Even the greats in the likes of Gavaskar and Bishen Singh Bedi earlier disclosed their intense dissatisfaction about the current Indian team. They were completely outplayed in the fourth test of the series and the body language of the team also was disheartening. It seemed as if the players had no urge to give up a fight and they seemed to have given up their hopes right from the first session of the first day. Things are repeating the same way even in the fifth test which is getting even worse for India.

Currently as it stands, England surpassed the Indian score of the first innings and are leading by over 50 runs with 7 wickets in hand.


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