Kohli filed a complaint against Dhoni over hitting last ball six
Kohli filed a complaint against Dhoni over hitting last ball six

Team India has suffered a huge blow ahead of their match against Bangladesh. According to the sources, Virat Kohli has filed a complaint against MS Dhoni after the latter hit the winning runs in their match against Pakistan in the World T20 2016.
Kohli confirmed this and said that it was he who took India home from the jaws of defeat and it was not fair on behalf of MS Dhoni to hit the winning runs. He also added that it was an insult that MS Dhoni didn’t finish the match with a six.

When MS Dhoni was asked about this, he recalled the incident of 2014 T20 World Cup , when he gave the strike to Virat Kohli so that he could finish the match, but added that this is not possible every time. Kohli should have acted smart and should have farmed the strike. He did agree that it was intentional on his part to not bring up a victory of a six, but hit a six a ball before.

When asked about the reason, Dhoni questioned the World Cup organisers and said that he didn’t hit a six of the last ball because they don’t allow him to take the sumps and bails home, as they are expensive. This is not the way to treat an Indian captain at home, he added.

Virat Kohli has refrained away from speaking but sources close to him has said that he is very angry and may skip the next match if proper actions are not taken against MS Dhoni. Ravi Shastri said that this will do down to the wire and in the end, the winning shot will emerge as the real winner.

Let’s hope that Virat Kohli gets justice and we can see his slaughter the Bangladeshi bowlers.

Note: This is a work of fiction and should not be taken seriously. The author doesn’t intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments. He can be followed here on twitter

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