KRK1 (Photo Source: Twitter)

Kamaal Rashid Khan, also known as KRK, has mocked the selection of former team director Ravi Shastri as Team India’s new Head Coach. The high critical actor, who has the habit of taking jibes at other personalities, has been very vocal about the Indian Cricket’ recent decisions.

According to the actor/producer Shastri will bring no real value to the team. While everyone is eligible to judge and put forward their perspective, his opinion literally makes no sense and the style of delivering those sentiments were quite unacceptable.

Writing in a totally street style fashion, he tweeted: “When Zaheer is bowling coach n Dravid is batting coach then what will @RaviShastriOfc do? Will he cut the hair of players? I mean Hajjamgiri”

He followed it up with two more tweets.

As per his thoughts, there is widespread corruption in the Indian team. After terming Shastri as worthless, he went on compare the new coach with a bookie.

His is now new at all. At the height of his (laughable) allegations spree, he has even accused skipper Virat Kohli of fixing the outcomes of the matches.

He tweeted: So @ImZaheer n Rahul Dravid will do coaching, while @RaviShastriOfc will give message to @imVkohli Ki Kitna Maal Aya n kitne pe out Hona hai

He added another tweet end his criticism: Hahaha! By God Ki Kasam, what a great job #BCCI has given to @RaviShastriOfc! Ravi Bhai aap Toh Chaa Gaye!


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