Australian bowling great Glenn Mcgrath is currently in his “second home” India. He is the director of MRF Pace Foundation. He has talked about many issues about Indian cricket at Chennai.

Recently former Indian bowling great Anil Kumble has been appointed as the head coach of the Indian team. Kumble and McGrath have played a lot of matches against each other.

So McGrath talking about Kumble appointment said, “I think it’s a great move. I have always believed bowlers are the smartest ones (laughs). Whether you are a batsman or a bowler, you have to be a good man-manager. I think Anil has been there for a long time in the game, and I am sure he would do a very good job as coach of the Indian team.”

McGrath further said that Anil is a fighter and he will not give an inch of space to the opponent. “I haven’t seen him as a coach, but as a player Anil was a fighter who wouldn’t give an inch, and he would take the same attitude into his coaching as well.”

Asked about Indian bowlers’ chances against the West Indies where balls don’t bounce like in the past and is no more a pace heaven, McGrath said, “The wickets in West Indies are a little different to what they used to be earlier. They are more like Indian wickets, and I am sure the Indian bowlers would do just fine. The current Indian bowling unit has played around the world and knows how to adjust to the conditions.”

Meanwhile, some of the Australian bowlers like Jackson Bird and Steve O’Keefe are training at the MRF Academy in Chennai for their preparation for the upcoming Sri Lanka series of Australia. But is the Indian pitch suitable for preparing for the Sri Lanka tour?  The bowling great replied, “Without a doubt! I feel conditions in Australia at the moment are fairly cold. So, it’s a smart move to come out here and practice in conditions where the humidity and the temperature too is on the higher side. These are the conditions that they would get in Sri Lanka, and I feel this is a good preparation for that.”

McGrath, who was a part of the invincible Australia, also talked about the recent problem with the teams who perform well at home but in overseas, they struggle, Glenn replied,  “It’s an issue not just for the Australian team, but for a lot of other teams as well. They play well in their home conditions and not so when they travel abroad. When England go to Australia, they get belted and the same happens when we go to England,” McGrath said.

He further added , “Touring and being able to play in different conditions have been an issue for the Australian side, but I am sure we should be able to make amends starting from the series against Sri Lanka.”

The right-handed bowling great when asked about whether the pink ball is favorable to bowlers only, said, “I think they have got some work to do to get things right (and bring parity between bat and ball). Last year, the day & night Test match in Adelaide was a success. But, they have a few issues to iron out which I am sure will be done so in due course.

He also feels “the concept of day & night Tests is really good as it will bring in the crowds.”

“ We have got to keep Test cricket going as players across the world look to play the oldest format of the game for their respective countries,” Mcgrath signed off.

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