Mahadevan Sathasivam, who was hailed as “the greatest batsman ever on earth” by the legendary West Indian All Rounder Garry Sobers and “the best batsman he had ever seen,” by Sir Frank Worrell is the only player to have captained three different countries.

Sathasivam started his career for Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in the 1940s and started to play till the mid-1960s. He was a member of Tamil union and in a controversial decision, the Ceylon Cricket Team approached him to lead the All-Ceylon XI team (the National Team).

He accepted the decision and was made as the captain of the Ceylon Cricket team in 1948. He was the first man from the Tamil Union to lead the Ceylon team. Few years later, he moved out of Ceylon and played for Singapore National team and captained them too. In his final stages of his career, he was named as the captain of the Malaysian team. He was well known for murdering his wife as was accused and acquitted. The incident gained much attention in Ceylon.

Sathasivam married Paripoornam Anandam Rajendra in 1941 and the pair had four daughters. In 1951, his wife was dead and Sathasivama was accused of murdering his other half. He was acquitted after a twenty month trial. This incident gave him a lot of negative publicity and as a result of that he left Ceylon. He later married Yvonne Stevenson.

Sathasivam settled in Singapore where he captained its cricket team, and then later, Sathasivam led the Malaysian team as well. Apart from Sathasivam, none of the other players have managed to lead at least two different teams.

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