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Matt Renshaw Explains How Nature’s Call Made Him Retire Hurt During A Test Match 

Matt Renshaw Explains How Nature’s Call Made Him Retire Hurt During A Test Match
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A couple of years ago when India and Australia locked horns in a Test match, there was an unexpected thing, in fact, the bizarre thing took place during the course of the match. The opening batsman Matt Renshaw walked back to the dressing room by holding his stomach just ahead of the lunch session to go to a toilet.

Though the management covered it by saying that it was stomach bug but Renshaw revealed that he was in an emergency to go to Bathroom and he had no way rather than getting retired hurt. The stylish southpaw explained the unfortunate incident of him, which took place during the International match.

“He wasn’t too thrilled about it,” Renshaw said at the close of play on that February day. “Didn’t really understand what was going on at the start, I sort of just ran past him … he called me back and he wanted to have a discussion with me but I just told him I had to go off. But we’ve had a chat now, we’re all good. He understands that when you need to go to the toilet, you need to go to the toilet.”

I can’t hold, I really need to go to the toilet – Matt Renshaw

Speaking to the podcast, the opening batsman quoted that he was asking himself to hold on for fifteen minutes, which is hardly four overs before calling for the lunch session by the umpire Richard.

Matt Renshaw

However, all of a sudden, Matt Renshaw, who felt that it was a time for him to vanish off from the field took a run to the pavilion thus being retired out to go to his toilet. Meanwhile, Steve Smith has to walk into the middle. The incident happened just after the dismissal of David Warner.

“And then about five minutes later I am standing there a bit more uncomfortable (and think) ‘is this another fart or is this something a bit more serious?’ Then it sort of started coming on very quickly and I asked ‘how long till lunch?’ and he (umpire Richard Kettleborough) was ‘like 15 minutes.”


“I was trying to think 15 minutes, that’s about four overs and all of a sudden I really needed to go to the toilet and I sort of asked him ‘how long till lunch?’ and he said ‘13 minutes why are you asking me again?’” The 12th’s come on and I am like ‘I need to go to the toilet,” he said.

Steve Smith was confused:

Further, he went on to add saying that Steve Smith was surprised to see him walking back without being dismissed or any injury scare. However, Matt Renshaw explained to him the situation, who accepted the urge of Renshaw to go to the toilet.

“I am going to shit myself on the field or just get to a toilet, so I’ve asked the umpire if I could retire hurt, go to the toilet and come back at some point later, because I didn’t know what was going on. He said I could retire hurt, so I have just bolted and Smithy (Steve Smith) is on his way out to bat and is already confused about why I am running and he is like ‘no come back with me’.”


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