MS Dhoni’s current T20 batting form has simply been dismal.

As a matter of fact, not just his recent T20 batting form, but his career numbers in the shortest format for India have been nowhere near his sky-high numbers in ODI’s.

In T20I’s for India, Dhoni often fails to finish with a flurry, a thing in which he excels massively in the ODI’s.

Dhoni, who currently endures a terrible patch against South Africa opened up about his struggles for India in the shortest format. Being the frank character he is, the Indian captain said that he wasn’t positive enough from the outset. Dhoni also said that to be successful as a batsman in T20 cricket, one needs to be aggressive from the word go. The Indian T20I captain also reiterated the need to play shots from the very first ball.

Dhoni compared the two versions of limited overs cricket and said, “It’s slightly different in T20,” Dhoni said. “It is a very short format. Personally I feel I use a bit too much of my brain in this format. It is very important that I keep myself a bit free, and go and play my shots.”

 “A lot of times when I go in to bat, usually it is the 16th or 17th over, or fourth or fifth over with four or five wickets down. I have that tendency to use my brain, ‘Okay let’s go to 130, that will be a good score.’ Depending on that I play a bit slow initially and then look for big shots. It has happened quite a few times in the past, but in this format I believe what I should do is I should go in and play the big shots irrespective of what the scenario is. Because that’s what this format is all about.” That can’t be a glowing endorsement for the T20 game,” said Dhoni.


Batting up the order was one remedy to solve his woes in T20I cricket according to Dhoni. “Maybe in the longer format I still need to do what I am doing,” Dhoni said. “One of the reasons I want to bat slightly up in the order is so that somebody else takes that responsibility of batting at five or six. Six is a crucial position. Till they are not exposed to that position, we won’t really know who is good in that position,” said Dhoni.

“We have played a lot of our good batsmen at that number, and most of them have not been successful. That is the reason we have been pushing them up the order. We have seen they have been doing really well and consistently up the order. So somebody has to take that responsibility of batting low. Maybe if I start batting at four or five, somebody else will have to do that position. Because in the coming years you need someone ready to do that job. It is something you need to have in your backup plans,” Dhoni said.

The Indian captain concluded by suggesting that the games should ideally start a few hours earlier, in order to negate the threat of the dew factor. At times, the toss becomes crucial with the dew factors. That’s why I prefer for the game to start slightly early so that the dew factor doesn’t become a big factor in the game. But you don’t always get what you want. There are some things you have to go through,” said Dhoni. 

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