After MS Dhoni and Ambati Rayudu duo became famous courtesy of the last over during the T20I in England couple of weeks back, now yet again the both have been brought into limelight, thanks to a controversy created by the hotel in which Dhoni, along with his CSK mates were saying in Hyderabad for their game against Kolkata Knight Riders concluded on Wednesday part of CLT20.

You don’t mess with a celebrity’s craving for some home-cooked Hyderabadi biryani, especially if he is as big as MS Dhoni, the Indian cricket captain. Though billed as Captain Cool, an image enhanced off the field as well, we get an occasional peek into an angry Dhoni. And to think it’s due to biryani, possibly from the house of an Indian team-mate Ambati Rayudu, makes this situation that much more fun.

Let’s get to the details of this angry kitchen tale.

On Tuesday, Dhoni, Indian Cricket team captain, currently leading the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) team in the ongoing Champions League Twenty20, got angry over the staff of a Five Star facility, Grand Kakatiya in Hyderabad and ordered for a change of hotel in no time.

Thus the CL organizers shifted him from Grand Kakatiya in Hyderabad’s Begumpet area to Taj Krishna in Banjara Hills region in no time of his appeal on Tuesday afternoon. What’s more interesting to it is not only the entire CSK team set off the hotel in no time, also the officials of the Indian cricket board and Champions League T20 too followed them.

Adding more to the issue, the hotel booking for the Indian Cricket board president N Srinivasan, who was expected to come to the city for the Wednesday’s match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders, was cancelled.

The whole reason behind this issue is that MS Dhoni was upset with the Kakatiya hotel management’s decision not to allow food from outside. It is understood that the cricketer Ambati Rayudu sent home-made food to CSK players but the hotel’s staff, accoring to their policy, did not allow it. Dhoni, got angry instantly and wanted to move out. Rayudu was in Raipur on that day following a qualifiers match of his Mumbai Indians team.

A top BCCI official confirmed over the sudden change of hotel but refused to talk further. “We don’t know if biryani was the cause of the shift. I’m told Dhoni was not happy with the hotel,” a high-ranked BCCI official said.

Later, the staff of Grand Kakatiya taked over the whole issue saying that they should ask the reason to the Cricketers for vacating their hotel but not them.

You should ask the Chennai team management what happened and why did they vacate,” said Suhasini, a member of the  hotel’s Public Relations team.

The hotel’s general manager took a philosophical line. “We’re a Five Star Deluxe facility and there are five other such hotels in the city. One is free to pick one’s place of stay,” George Verghese said.

CSK spokesman refused to take any questions on the L’affaire biryani. “If you have information about such incidents you may write so. All I can say is we’re not happy with the hotel and we moved out,” Russel Radhakrishnana said. On Thursday, the Chennai team flew to Bangalore.

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