In a sting operation conducted on MS Dhoni’s close friend, his manager and basically Dhoni’s right hand Mr. Arun Pandey by the news channel Aaj Tak, it was more than evident how the accusations hurled at India’s captain are clearly baseless and rubbish.

A sting operation which was possibly aimed to demean the image of India’s most successful captain M.S Dhoni, turned on it’s head with some very insightful revelations from Arun Pandey’s words.

Arun Pandey was first asked how he came across Vindu Dara Singh and he was not shy to make his feelings clear about him in some harsh words. He clearly told how Vindu took the seat beside Saskshi Dhoni, which Arun had previously occupied during an Indian Premier League match and Arun, though angry, respected the fact that he is Dara Singh’s son and let the issue go.

He went on to reveal how Vindu did try to start some conversation with Sakshi Dhoni and even asked for her number but Sakshi smartly avoided the request stating her phone battery is low. This event also cleared the fact that Vindu infact did not have much contact with M.S Dhoni or his wife, since he didn’t even have her cellphone number.

Arun Pandey went on to even reveal that Meiyappan was also not that close to M.S Dhoni. He said that Meiyappan didn’t meet Dhoni often and not that he was afraid of Dhoni or any such factor but he did not just come up anytime to meet Dhoni. He would have to request “I want to meet Dhoni” and would usually only then meet Dhoni, also showing that M.S Dhoni infact did not have close bonds with the son-in-law of Srinivasan either.

Arun Pandey on having indirectly been asked if M.S Dhoni could be involved in any sort of wrong doing was very clear and adamant in stating that Dhoni is a man of honor, pride and lives by high principles in life. He went on to state that, knowing Dhoni, even in his wildest dreams I’d not even for once doubt Dhoni’s honesty and sincerity towards the game. Dhoni is unnecessarily being sandwiched in a battle for power among Lalit Modi, Srinivasan and the others related to the highest post.

He went on to say he trusts Dhoni so much that he’d stop believing in everything in this world should Dhoni be even remotely related to any wrong in this matter, so much so that he’d even stop believing in God. Now that faith shown proves some real confidence in his friend.  

With what turned out to be a very positive sting operation for the whole of India almost entirely clearing the name of India’s captain M.S Dhoni. A tough time for India’s captain and infact for the whole of Indian cricket but Dhoni has always known to be a tough fighter and as all his previous endeavourers, we expect Dhoni to come out with flying colors some again.  


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