Apart from the greatest Indian skipper of all time, MS Dhoni is also known as a very balanced human being. While he is always the last person to take credit for a win he never shies away from taking the responsibility of a defeat. Captain cool as he is fondly known is someone who is known to accept criticism in a positive manner.

And a beautiful anecdote has been shared by Indian umpire Sudhir Asnani which will prove the fact that Dhoni never shies away from accepting his mistakes and at the same time encourages and motivates everyone.

The incident took place when the Indian team was playing against England in Mohali during the 2012-13 bilateral series.

Ishant Sharma was bowling the 12th over when his delivery wrapped English  Pietersen on the pads. The ball was full and coming in from outside off and Pietersen tried to drive it but missed it. Excited Indian fielders went up in appeal only to get disappointed as umpire Sudhir Asnani turned down the appeal. The decision baffled the Indian players and their captain MS Dhoni decided to ask the umpire about the decision.

Recalling the incident, Sudhir Asnani said: “As I turned down the appeal, the fielders slumped on the ground.”

After being inquired by MS Dhoni, he said: “I told him that the ball was missing the off-stump.”

He said that after hearing him, Dhoni shook his head in negative and walked back to his position. Asnani said that Dhoni’s gesture dented his confidence.

“I was really shaken by his disagreement. As nervousness got better of me, I lost track of the happenings in the game,” he recalled.

But after what happened thereafter absolutely surprised MS Dhoni. During the drinks break fourth umpire Anil Chaudhary came running to the field and told Asnani: “The commentators are praising you. The ball was missing the off-stump.”

The compliment restored Asnani’s confidence. Dhoni overheard the conversation. He walked up to Asnani and patting his back, said, “One plus, Sudhir.”

“I have never seen a captain do this to an umpire in my life,” Asnani concluded.

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