Mustafizur Rahman gets some advice Shoaib Akhtar himself
Mustafizur Rahman gets some advice Shoaib Akhtar himself

One of the biggest finds of the year, Mustafizur Rahman has had a superb debut season in the Indian Premier League after an equally impressive stint at the Asia Cup and the World T20.

His exploits in the current IPL season have seen many pundits heap praises on him and Pakistan great Shoaib Akhtar joined in recently.

After a sizzling start, Mustafizur or the Fizz as he is now called has gone cold in the last couple of outing but the former Pakistan international had some kind words for him.

A two month IPL season which is criticized for being too long can see players gain and lose form all within a single season and the Fizz seems to have the same problem.

And Akhtar was quick to point the same out. He felt that a couple of bad performances will not suddenly make him a bad bowler.

“A couple of bad games in IPL doesn’t make Mustafizur a bad bowler.”

He also went on to remind everyone how he burst into the scene troubling even the best batsmen in the world.

“Mustafizur mesmerized India, most of the Indian batsmen, then troubled Pakistan and even the Australia with his cutters.

However, Akhtar felt that the effect of playing too many games has caught up to him and also that with more and more people watching him, his initial effect is starting to wear off.

“Since Mustafizur is playing in IPL, more people are watching him, analyzing and studying him, thus, the novelty effect has worn off by now,” he said.

He urged the youngster to now start trying to learn new things and try to evolve his game.

“Now, he has to evolve to stay a step ahead of the competition. In the future, Fizz needs to evolve his game,” he added.

Akhtar also shared his knowledge to try and help the youngster to get one step ahead of the batsman. He asked Mustafizur to try and change things like bowling around the wicket to change the angle for the batsman.

“Mustafizur should try bowling around the wicket to right handed batsmen. I believe he can cut down the angle, cramp up the batsmen by not providing much width and even bowl a yard or two quicker by coming around the wicket,” Akhtar said.

His advice seems to have already helped the Fizz who went round the wicket in the game against Delhi Daredevils who picked the two points in a thrilling last ball victory on Friday.

Surely, Akhtar will be happy that his advice was taken seriously.


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