Well, among all the speculations circulating around to understand the reasons of unrest occurred in the dressing room, as referred by Dhoni, this might be big shocking news for the fans. If a news item appearing in the Hindustan Times is to be believed, there was a big spat between Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan in the dressing room in Brisbane where Team India lost the second Test. Many of the fans could not fully believe the statement given by Dhoni that there was some unrest in the dressing room. This clarification – as highlighted by the Hindustan Times – will surely strengthen the position of Dhoni. Also, it should be taken as a lesson for the future that no one is allowed to spoil the atmosphere in the dressing room, especially when the going is tough.

The Hindustan Times, quoting a source, has insisted that there was a verbal spat among Kohli and Dhawan. According to the news item, after Dhawan showed his inability to bat due to his injury, Kohli was asked to bat on a very short notice of time. Apparently, the not fully prepared Kohli lost his focus and got out on 1 run after playing 11 balls in his brief innings of 13 minutes. An agitated Kohli started to blame Dhawan for this development, which obviously Dhawan resisted.

A furious Kohli is stated to have opined that Dhawan did it in order to prevent playing the attacking bowlers of Australia. Dhawan resisted and stated to have speculated that Kohli had chickened out. Dhawan is also stated to have emphasized that instead of finding excuses, he would prefer to sit back as he feels proud in playing for the nation. As per the story, the team director Ravi Shastri intervened and advised Kohli that every batsman should have no problem playing in any situation.

The situation in the Indian dressing room remained tense for a while as India lost three quick wickets within a short span of just 3 overs. Dhawan, who came in to bat later, was able to justify his angle as he scored impressive 81 runs in that innings.

Although the things would have come down to normalcy, but whatever has happened was least expected from Team India. If the cricketers do not remain calm and composed, it will be very difficult to outshine, especially on the away tours. With the World Cup approaching fast, the management should evolve a concrete mechanism to sort out any issue instantly. Integrity and unity are the keywords that lead towards team spirit, which ultimately pave way for victory. 

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