While analysts in India do not entirely support Virat Kohli’s decision to field 5 bowlers, his teammates surely support his decision. In a vow to increase the aggression, Kohli opted for 5 bowlers in the solitary test in Bangladesh. Before departing for Sri Lanka, Kohli once again made it certain that he would prefer having 5 bowlers, as that increased the scope of a result.

M. Vijay, India’s reliable opener too fully supports his skipper. Vijay feels that there is absolutely no pressure on the batsmen despite the presence of 5 bowlers. The consistent opener recently spoke to reporters about the Sri Lanka tour, and sounded positive.

When quizzed about the added burden on the batsmen due to 5 bowlers, Vijay said, “It’s actually not demanding. It is actually our role and if any one of us clicks, it’s going to be good for the team and we are going to be in a much comfortable position on most times. So it is a good challenge.”

“It is a good responsibility to have on your shoulder to go in and bat and these are good things. If you are looking to dominate in a Test match, you have to perform as a team. You should have the plans and work according to them,” he added.

Vijay also spoke that the presence of an extra opener was an added benefit for the side. The competition in the top-order is going to add more challenge for everybody to pull up their socks and do their bit for the team. Be as consistent as possible and it’s a good challenge and good thing to have in a team,” he said.

Vijay also admitted that the Sri Lankans had some decent youngsters, who couldn’t be taken lightly. “There are a lot of youngsters, like Angelo Mathews is doing well, there is Thiramanne, so there is a lot of talent in the team and it is going to be a tough series for us. We are also a young bunch of players and it is going to be a challenging series,” Vijay said.

“With Mahela retired and Sangakkara about to (retire), there is a big hole in their batting line-up when these two greats retire. Overall I have seen Sri Lanka’s series with Pakistan and watched quite a bit of them. They are a talented side. We are looking forward to the challenge and hopefully we can pull it off,” Vijay concluded. 

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