Well, as expected, the honest revelations, truthful actual detailing and precise description of the events/individuals that Sachin came across during his glorious journey spanning 24 years have proved sensational. Many of his hard core fans were wondering as to why Sachin Tendulkar had not commented or opined on the very important issue of notorious spot fixing!

But Sachin Tendulkar is really a wise man. He has categorically given explanations as to why he has not commented on the controversial issue of spot-fixing taken pace during the IPL last season. It is pertinent to add that three of the players of Rajasthan Royals were charged for their role in spot fixing.  

He said, “I think whatever things I knew 100 per cent I have revealed because I back up those things. But the things I am not aware of fully, it would be unwise to comment on those. I should have some evidence, I should know something in detail to talk about it because then it makes sense and it will be appreciated by people. But if I just start talking then it will not have any value.”

Clarifying the notion that he has never taken a stand on any major issue he explained, “If you see in my book, issues on which people believed I should have taken a stand, the only things which I was 100 per cent sure of I stood for that in my book. If you have read some of the articles I have expressed myself whole-heartedly but on things which were not first-hand information, it is unwise to do that, it is (like) a loose statement and I didn’t want to fire loose statements.”

This historical book of Sachin Tendulkar is definitely going to become the last master stroke of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. It is apprehended that the experience of Sachin Tendulkar will prove to be a guiding force for betterment of the Indian Cricket. Hats off!


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