Best of MS Dhoni
Best of MS Dhoni

The term entertaining is often associated with India’s limited overs skipper MS Dhoni. Captain Cool, as he is affectionately referred, has been a genuine entertainer over the years and his antics have also spread off the cricket field.

The dashing Indian skipper has had his tussles with the media, but some of his remarks have been extremely comical and the way he handles the press, is an example for all skippers out there.

In the video below, we go through 15 different instances where MS Dhoni unleashed the beast within him and portrayed the message, “DO NOT MESS WITH ME” in bold and capital. The video has instances about how easily has Dhoni been the star he is without much of a fuss.

Dhoni recently slammed 16 runs within the last three balls of a chase off-spinner Axar Patel to seal the chase for his IPL franchise.

That particular incident flags off the side-splitting video. The way in which MS Dhoni is seen “trolling” a media person is also another instance when the reporter questions Dhoni about why has he stopped playing the iconic Helicopter Shot.

An episode worth noting is Dhoni’s fury against another reporter, who doesn’t seem to be too impressed with the fact that Dhoni’s side has sealed off a near impossible win against Bangladesh in the 2016 World T20.

Dhoni responds by saying, “Listen to me. Hearing you, your tone and your question, it’s clear that you aren’t happy that India has won. And when talking about a cricket match, there’s no script. It’s not about the script,” says a furious Dhoni.

“You have to analyse that after losing the toss, what was the reason that we couldn’t make many runs on that wicket.

If you aren’t analysing these things sitting outside, then you shouldn’t ask this question,” Dhoni further adds, silencing the reporter.

Check out the video below, to glance through all the 15 instances where Dhoni had the last laugh.

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