Nawaz Sharif thanked Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe for helping to bring back cricket in Pakistan    

Sudipta / 11 June 2015

In modern day international relation state leaders have adopted a habit to concentrate for on sports to build bilateral relation; Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is no different from them, he picked up a pen and wrote a “thank you” letter to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe for helping to materialise the series between the African nation and Pakistan, Pakistan daily the Express Tribune reported.   

After deadly terrorist on visiting Sri Lankan team bus in 2009 had stopped international cricket in Pakistan. Pakistan has been playing all “home” series in UAE since then, following the short adoption of England as “home ground.” Pakistan Cricket Board since then tried to convince many international cricket boards, including the Kenya and Zimbabwe, to end the drought of international cricket in the country.

Zimbabwe agreed to visit the terror ravaged South Asian country. But the terrorist attack in Karachi had made Zimbabwe to rethink about the series.



However, after a high level diplomatic engagement between the two countries Zimbabwe cricket board agreed to send the team to Pakistan overlooking the risk factor. The series broke six year of cricket hiatus in restive Pakistan.

The series witnessed one minor bomb blast outside the Lahore stadium during the match.

Zimbabwe captain said in a statement to the press, “We have also experienced international isolation. But we won’t let that happen with our brother. You can’t kill the spirit of cricket.”


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