Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sarif, patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) appointed ad-hoc chairman and election commissioner to hold elections in the board in next 30 days as he removed Najam Seth from the designation of Chairman and disband the management committee. Salman Butt, the Attorney General of Pakistan said that chief election commissioner and retired justice Jamshad Ali Shah is appointed as acting chairman to arrange the event of chairman selection in next 30 days. This election will take place under the new constitution of Pakistan Government, added Butt. In this case Sethi and Iqbal Umar will assist justice Jamshed but Zaka Ashraf, the chairman replaced by Sethi in February, opposed the presence of Sethi in the board.

Imtiaz Siddiqui said that someone else other than Sethi will be appointed by the Prime Minister as they do not want Sethi in this provisional setup. Ministry of inter provincial coordination which look after the sport department, filed petitions which is noted by SC bench when this development was occurring. PCB raised objection to the restoration of Ashraf as Chairman by the Islamabad High Court and the counter petitions filed by Ashraf against Sethi and the government order in February.

The two member bench want to solve this problem quickly so that PCB runs smoothly and want to arrange election without being biased. Justice Jamshad told that his main task is to supervise the election of the chairman and look after day to day issues of the board.

Media asked Jamshad if he could change the recent decisions taken by Sethi, he answered that he would not comment until he read the court order and constitution. Since May, 2013 this chairman’s position being changed frequently. Ashraf has been reinstalled as chairman twice and replaced twice by Sethi since January, 2014.

Sethi shared in twitter that PM nominated him as member of PCB of Governors is eligible to contest election to post of chairman.

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