Young Pakistani cricketer Assim Abassi, along with his family has lost the rights to live in Belgium after he was identified as a terrorist for carrying his bat on public transport, which is a common scene in India, Pakistan and many other countries.

A photograph of the 22 year old Abassi, who was apparently armed with a weapon was circulated by the Belgian police last week. The picture also generated a terror scare in the country following an attack on the Jewish museum in Brussels earlier this year.

As soon as he saw his pictures in a newspaper, Abassi contacted the police to say that he was not carrying any weapon but only carrying his cricket bat on the way to a practice session. “I wrapped my bat in my sweatshirt because it was raining and if it is wet I can’t play the ball properly. The police photographs of a bearded Asian man carrying what appeared to be a rifle in a fashionable shopping district led to newspaper headlines warning of an “anti-Semitic killer” on the loose in Brussels,” he said.


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