It has been more than 24 hours since we have seen any play at the Queens Park, Oval. Yesterday, soon before the lunch, rain made an appearance which spoiled the taste of the first day as no more overs were bowled after that. Rain went away but left its imprints behind in the form of damp ground and pitch. Though there was no rain on the morning of day 2 but damp outfield prevented the start of the play. The day’s play was delayed by an hour even before the match started. The wait continued for another 4 and a half hour before the umpires finally called it for the day as black clouds along with a shower surrounded the ground again.

West Indies team was seen practising hard in the nets whereas Indian team felt that it was good for them to mark a late arrival at the ground from hotel followed by leaving the playing area early to proceed back to the hotel after realising that there are no chances of play today.

The abandonment of day 2 is a big blow for the Indian team as they need to win this contest at any cost if they wish to stay at the top of ICC rankings. Match ending in a draw will result in any other team replacing Indian team at the top of the table.

Currently, the West Indies have 62 runs on the board with the loss of two wickets with Ashwin and Ishant Sharma having a wicket apiece in their account. Looking at current and future weather, it can be said that this Test match might end up in a draw.

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