Qandeel Baloch shot dead by her brother

Sudipta / 16 July 2016

Internet sensation Qandeel Baloch  was murdered by her brother in Multan on Saturday.

Initially, it was known that the actor cum model was shot dead by her younger brother. However, conflicting reports claimed she was strangled to death.

“Baloch was killed by her brother over honour in Muzaffarabad’s Green Town area,” the area’s RPO told The Express Tribune.

A few days ago Qandeel fled to Multan, but didn’t disclose her location due to security threats, the official added, “Qandeel’s brothers had asked her to quit modelling,” family sources said.

Qandeel had earlier claimed that she was receiving death threats and had sought security. However, following “no response” from the interior ministry on her application for getting personal security, social media starlet  Qandeel Baloch is planning to settle down abroad after Eidul Fitr, citing security threats in the backdrop of her recent scandal with Mufi Abdul Qawi as the reason.

“I know I will not be provided security and I am not feeling secured here so have decided to move abroad with my parents after Eidul Fitr,” Qandeel had told The Express Tribune.

Fauzia Azeem, alias Qandeel Baloch had recently taken the internet by storm in Pakistan as she shared a couple of selfies and  a video of herself with Mufti Qawi, a former member of the Central Quet-e- Hilal Committee.

The model has ridiculed the cleric on various channels after the release of controversial content.

After the revelation of the content, Mufti Qawi was suspended from the committee. Qandeel Baloch also has a younger son.

Baloch was  a big fan of cricket and Indian batting starlet Virat Kohli. During the T20 World Cup in India, she supported India and expressed her love for Virat. Qandeel once said that she wanted to marry Virat Kohli.

On Wednesday, Aashiq Hussain of Kot Addu claimed in television interviews that he was once married to Baloch.

Soon after the interview, Baloch admitted that she had married once but was divorced. But, both sides gave conflicting accounts of the marriage.

“My husband used to beat me up,” Baloch told Express-News, adding that she had a son with Hussain.

“He never told my child I am his mother. It was a forced marriage.”

The model also said that she was 17 when she got married and that abusive union ended in a year.

“He tortured me day and night during the one year I was married to him,” Baloch said while speaking to The Express Tribune. “After a year, I ran away with my son and sought refuge in Darul Aman.”

Baloch didn’t contact his former hundred after the divorce, but she wanted to fight for her  son  whom she initially gave up because she could not afford treatment when he feel sick.

However, Hussain claimed that theirs was a marriage.  “I still have the letters which she wrote with her blood,” he claimed. “She wanted a car and bungalow from me.”

Qandeel started his career as a bus hostess. She belongs to the Shah Sadar Din District Dera Ghazi Khan in South Punjab.

She eloped with her boyfriend in 2004 while still in school, and claims to have visited South Africa, Middle East, and other western countries.

Cleric pays price for selfies with Facebook celebrity

Though she is reviled by many and frequently subjected to misogynist abuse online, Qandeel has won praise by a segment of youth for her forthright attitude.

On Valentine’s Day, she donned a plunging scarlet dress and posted a video message defying President Mamnoon Hussain, who had issued a stern warning against the “Western” holiday. The post garnered more than 70,000 ‘likes’.