R. Ashwin is a smart guy with an impeccable sense of humor. Ashwin, who is very active on Twitter interacts a lot with his fans on the social networking site. At times, Ashwin also indulges in some healthy banter on Twitter with a few individuals. His replies depict his smartness and the world’s number one test bowler also uses sarcasm to a good effect.

Recently, former Australian cricketer Rodney Hogg took to Twitter in order to make Ashwin aware that his success had come just in India and not overseas. Ashwin soon replied him with a humorous tweet which silenced the former Aussie cricketer.

Today as well, when one fan tried to crack a joke on Ashwin’s New Year tweet, Ashwin answered him back in style, which surely made him eat the humble pie. Ashwin in return, used a witty one liner, which translates to “Oh dear god .. I’m running off to town”!



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