Indian cricket team fan Sudhir Gautam found himself in a spot of bother with New Zealand Customs officials for carrying paint bottles to apply all over his body during matches. According to immigration rules in New Zealand, carrying liquids that are made up of organic substances is banned in the flights.

Sudhir, who used to paint his body with the Indian tricolour, was detained by officials at the Auckland airport and was fined around Rs. 65,000. While speaking to NDTV, Sudhir said I was shell-shocked. I pleaded with them that I did not have that much money. I told them that I am a fan of Team India who paints himself in the national colours and goes everywhere. The officials said they understood all that, but rules were rules and they were meant to be followed. They told me that I had broken the law and I had to pay up? It was when I realized that I have the letter  that ‘Sachin Sir’ wrote to me. I show that letter to the embassies whenever I apply for a visa. It worked like magic. They looked at me again and said, ‘okay, go ahead’. It was such a relief.

Before the start of the World Cup, Sachin wrote a letter to help Sudhir get a visa to leave for Australia in tie for the tournament.


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