Salaam Cricket conclave in New Delhi has brought together Cricketing legends of the world to speak about Team India‘s chances at the World Cup in Australia in 2015. It is organised by the India group.

The speakers include seven World Cup winning captains Clive Lloyd, Kapil Dev, Allan Border, Imran Khan, Arjuna Ranatunga, Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting, besides a host of current and former cricketer’s including Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and Sourav Ganguly.

Here are live updates of all the sessions:

4.55 pm: I don’t remember what happened with me that night, how would I know what happened to him: Piyush Chawla on Dhoni’s hair after World Cup win.

4.50 pm: I didn’t want to part with the trophy the day we won; I felt like keeping it on my head: Yuvraj Singh on 2011 World Cup.

4.45 pm: We were there not just to participate, we were there to win: Harbhajan Singh.

4.40 pm: In 2007 we realised that we didn’t play well and worked hard for 3 years which paid in 2011: Harbhajan.

4.40 pm: Indian offie Harbhajan Singh, leg spinner Piyush Chawla and all-rounder Yuvraj Singh speak with Shweta Singh at “All the Best India”.

4.15 pm: When I started my career I relished the short deliveries, but with more responsibilities I had to cut down on hook and cut shots: Sunil Gavaskar.

4.10 pm: We Australians take pride in playing well: Steve Waugh.

4.05 pm: If you do well in Test cricket, it is recognised all over the world (not just in Australia): Sunil Gavaskar.

4.00 pm: When you do well in Australia you do get appreciated: Steve Waugh on Sachin Tendulkar winning accolades down under.

3.55 pm: Captain has to involve with players off the field, not just tell them we have to bat or field first after the toss: Sunil Gavaskar.

3.50 pm: India seldom had the bowlers who could take 20 wickets which stopped us from winning series in Australia: Gavaskar.

3.45 pm: The tied Test in 1986 against India remains the fascinating part of my career: Steve Waugh.

3.40 pm: Technically you could be very good, but if you lack temperament you can’t: Sunil Gavaskar on scoring a century in Australia.

3.30 pm: Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar and Australia’s Steve Waugh come on the stage for session “India in Australia” with Boria Mazumdar.

3.25 pm: Being a sportsman really helped; there was a lot of motivation that helped: Yuvraj Singh on fight with cancer.

3.20 pm: Winning the World Cup was the biggest high: Yuvraj.

3.20 pm: Even if my body was not allowing me to play, all I wanted was the World Cup: Yuvraj.

3.15 pm: I have no regrets; I am lucky that I survived, but I missed cricket in the best years of my life: Yuvi.

3.15 pm: Even as the body gives up, the mind doesn’t; that is how any player overcomes his challenges: Yuvraj.

3.10 pm: When you are an athlete you tend to think nothing is going to happen to you: Yuvraj Singh on ignoring symptoms of cancer in its initial days.

3.00 pm: Southpaw Yuvraj Singh takes the stage for session “Story of a Winner”.

2.40 pm: Cricket humorist Vikram Sathaye entertains the audience imitating international cricketers and putting interesting posers to them.

1.50 pm: It’s lunch break now. The conclave resumes after 2.30 pm with “Story of a Winner”, a session on World Cup 2011 Man of the Series Yuvraj Singh.

1.45 pm: There’s no doubt why Indians can’t compete, their batting line is one of the best: Ricky Ponting.

1.40 pm: It has nothing to do with the colour of the ball; it’s all about their attitude: Ricky Ponting on impact of red or white balls on Indian cricketers.

1.35 pm: (A cricketer’s) attitude should be about very aggressive positive game: Allan Border.

1.30 pm: Aussie system is so strong that it keeps producing great players: Allan Border.

1.25 pm: Dhoni can’t be made responsible for everything in Tests, it’s a collective effort of 5 days: Ricky Ponting.

1.25 pm: MS Dhoni is a very strong character; he needs to be a little more proactive: Allan Border.

1.20 pm: MS Dhoni is a fantastic player but it’s time that someone like Virat Kohli should be given responsibility: Steve Waugh.

1.20 pm: India is a good team, they can do well in Australia; there won’t be much spin so fast bowlers need to bowl well: Allan Border.

1.15 pm: We Australians are really proud of how we play in big tournaments like World Cup: Steve Waugh.

1.10 pm: Ricky Ponting narrates how the Australians dominated cricket winning three World Cups in a row, under Steve Waugh in 1999 and under him in 2003 and 2007.

1.00 pm: Former Australian greats Ricky Ponting, Steve Waugh and Allan Border come on the stage for session “Thunder Down Under”, moderated by Boria Mazumdar.

12.50 pm: Former Indian player Ajay Jadeja joins the discussion on India’s prospects down under.

12.45 pm: If you have continuous pressure, you get used to it and you learn to play under pressure; every athlete adjusts himself to the increasing pressure: Sourav Ganguly.

12.45 pm: I find it sensible to accommodate Akshar Patel in the team. He and Amit Mishra should do well as spinners: Sourav Ganguly.

12.40 pm: Pakistan no longer has a team that is good enough to win a World Cup: Aamer Sohail.

12.40 pm: Batting has won us matches, so winning World Cup in Australia will depend on how well we bat there: Sourav Ganguly.

12.35 pm: You will have to change the mindset if you have to win down under: Aamer Sohail on Indian bowlers lacking pace.

12.35 pm: You can’t change the pitch or its condition much, bounce has to be there on Australian and South African pitches: Sourav Ganguly.Sourav Ganguly smiles as he watches comedian Vikram Sathaye imitate former cricketers Salaam Cricket conclave on Saturday.Stand-up comedian Vikram Sathaye imitates the battling stance of Sourav Ganguly at Salaam Cricket conclave on Saturday.

12.30 pm: Dhoni should not be replaced as captain at this moment… Dhoni is a total match winning player, he bats at the position where he can make or break a match: Madan Lal.

12.25 pm: I don’t think Virender Sehwag and Yuvraj Singh will be playing the 2015 World Cup: Sourav Ganguly.

12.15 pm: Former Pakistan captain Aamer Sohail takes the stage with former Indian players Sourav Ganguly and Madan Lal for session “Can India Defend The Title – Legends Speak”.{mosimage}

12.00 noon: Standup comedian and cricket humorist Vikram Sathaye comes in for “Silly Point”.

11.55 am: It was the best mistake I made in my life: Sourav Ganguly on taking his shirt off at Lord’s.

11.40 am: I was scared to switch on the TV after a match; this kind of pressure I felt: Sourav Ganguly.

11.35 am: No one had expected us to win in 1996, but we had done our homework well: Arjuna Ranatunga.

11.30 am: I always wanted to keep my cool, absorb pressure and keep teammates relaxed: Arjuna Ranatunga.

11.20 am: Suddenly we realised the side looked up, it was fighting: Sourav Ganguly on Team India.

11.15 am: Session “Pressures of the World Cup” with former West Indies captain Clive Lloyd, Sri Lankan great Arjuna Ranatunga, Australian legend Allan Border and former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly, moderated by Rajdeep Sardesai, begins.

11.00 am: Salaam Cricket conclave 2014 begins with the Welcome Address by India Today Group Chairman & Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie.

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