“Shami is going to serve India for a long time” : Shoaib Akhtar

Editor Sportzwiki / 18 September 2014

Erstwhile Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhter has implied that he could watch a vast capability in Indian budding pace hotshot Mohammad Shami. All Shami needs to do today is to “work on his run-up”. Shoaib could feel that this young pace star is a horse of long race and he is starting to serve India “for a long, long time.”

“What I can see, Mohammad Shami is one of the finest pace bowler that India could ever receive. He is really talented, hence, he has to be taken care very sophisticated. What I think that he has one basic problem in hi bowling and that is his run-up. He cannot perform his run-up in an casual manner and he has to nurture it in order to obtain improved results in the coming days.” Rawalpindi Express said in an exclusive interview to NDTV.

“I guess he does not run-up in a valued and logical manner. He may give labour to the crease and that is not the issue. He must get his action effortless in order to reproduce a lot of stride on an invariable basis. If he can work on this, he is departing to dish up in India for a long, long time.” He explained.

Shoaib never compromised on his pace regarding cutting it down, in spite of being hurt for several times in his whole international cricket career. He indicated the rising pacers “Do whatever is demanded, never cut down your rate. Pace is the cardinal ingredient for any fast bowler. It’s not that you won’t look upon your occupation and length while bowling, but you can improve it maintaining the pace in tact.” Shoaib said.

He spent more than 12 years in internal cricket and played almost 46 Test with 178 wickets and 163 One Day International with 247 wickets during this period for Pakistan. He personally thinks that all the fast bowlers should refrain them in consideration of preventing the ‘fear factor’ in batsmen’s mind. “Though it’s hard, but I feel that fast bowlers should abandon them from playing Twenty20. I’m not stating that they are not capable to work in that format, but if you give a look at the pitches and the atmosphere, those are in favour of batsmen.” He explained.

“One thing that T20 format surely has done, it completely smashed the fear about tear away quickly, that was used to be present in batsmen’s mind.” He added another finger. “And if the fear factor goes away for once, there will be no anxiety that will act in the mind of batsmen for the pacers even when they are facing off each other in different format. In parliamentary law to fight the fast bowlers for the long run, which is impassible, you demand to abandon with quicks in T20 formats. Else, make some rules for the Pacers to struggle.”

This 38-year-old pacer believes that there is no usage of slow bouncing in fast bowling. “Well, it needs some skill and a good deal of preparation in the nets to sustain a solid grip on it, but I guess it could be an effective delivery in the shorter version,” he guessed.

Shoaib thinks that there are no such fast bowlers in present days. Steyn, Brett Lee, Shane Bond used to be the speedsters of yesteryears. But Shoiab could not find any man who can throw amazing quicks these days.

“To reach a game more colourful, you don’t only need batsmen, but also really good fast bowlers. That’s how the game becomes more entertaining,” Akhtar ended.

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