The biggest surprise came with Australian spin legend Shane Warne’s utterance that he had phoned Alastair Cook and said to clear the air in recent days after describing his captaincy during England’s second Test defeat by Sri Lanka at Headingley. Actually Warne, had criticized Cook’s captaincy after England’s Test series loss to Sri Lanka at home.Warne also stated this performance as horrific and the worst he had seen at international level in almost 25 years in the game.

Shane Warne told in an interview that it was good to clear the air and it was amicable. Cook’s captaincy came under controversy after the 5-0 Ashes series loss. Cook reacted saying that something need to be done because for the three years of being England captain he had been criticized for a hell of a lot of that when legendry spinner Shane Warne said him “boring and negative”.

Cook wanted more support than criticism that time. He replied back to the Warne’s statement that Cook won more one-day games as an England captain, one Ashes and the last but not the least he won a India away series. Under his captaincy he won 9 test matches and lost 6 of the 22 test matches which brought him under this controversy. He felt bad when Shane Warne attacked him personally.

According to the Shane Warne, he wanted to speak to English captain Cook personally but he did not have Cook’s number. After getting his number Warne texted him if they could talk over phone for five minutes. They talked for an hour. Both discussed about their words that criticized each other. Both of them were holding hard feelings for each other at the corner of the heart but after this conversation they cleared out all the controversies created by their personal verbal attacks and criticism.

Not only by Australian mystery spinner Shane Warne, Cook was also criticized by his own countryman Geoffery Boycott.  Former England captain said about his captaincy’s tactical effectiveness. Geoffery Boycott also suggested him to leave the team for some days and should play for Essex to get some run.


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