Sharjeel Khan complains about being blackmailed

Prince Singh / 13 May 2016

Pakistani player Sharjeel Khan has claimed that some unknown player were trying to blackmail him .Sharjeel, who recently played for Pakistan in Asia Cup and World T20, said that the blackmailers were demanding money for not releasing videos of him which could harm his reputation.
Police in Sharjeel’s hometown Hyderabad visited his residence and spoke to his father to inquire about the matter but a senior official said the family had not filed any official complaint as yet with them.

“No official complaint has been made by them as yet with us so we can’t move forward. But we are confident that if they make a complaint we can get to the bottom of the matter in a few hours,” the official said.

The left-hander took to facebook to inform his fans that some people were trying to blackmail him. He posted a video for the same.

“I just wanted to let you know some people have called me and threatened me they would release some videos of me if I don’t pay them 200,000 rupees. I just want to tell my fans these videos are tampered and I am in no way involved in anything,” Sharjeel said.
His father, Sohail Khan told the media that he had informed the police about the matter but said since the calls came from an unknown caller they couldn’t provide the number.

“It is a ploy to blackmail us and I am confident my son is not involved in anything wrong,” he said.

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