World cricket’s governing body International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Chairman Shashank Manohar on Wednesday has decided to complete his tenure until June 2018.

The speculations was at high that Manohar will be replaced by Giles Clarke, who’s the England Cricket Board (ECB), president and person behind working group committee for reforms in the body.

According to the ESPNcrinfo’s report, Clarke had shown the interest in the recent past.

Earlier, the uncertainty was looming large who is going replace Manohar at the helm in June, but with his admission to continue his role for the board, the speculations were brought to an end by Manohar himself in the fresh announcement.

In March this year, Manohar decided to step down as a chairman while citing personal reasons before he was persuaded to continue his services for ICC by body’s directors which further included Full and Associate Members.

Manohar, who has played a pivotal role for the ICC with his complete dedication, started while making a comeback he would remain available until the new reforms will take place which included finance redistribution model followed by governance system as ICC’s annual conference is scheduled for June.

Manohar returned to his position only after the overwhelming support from the official members of the ICC as he has shown keen interest to ratify the reforms.

Earlier, the majority of Full Members in ICC has voted in favour of the newly laid reforms by ICC itself in February and April meetings which included an eight-year cycle of revenues in finance model where Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) was outvoted which further witnessed the impasse between the ICC and BCCI.

In February, Manohar was the part of five-member reforms committee to alter the course of the governance system after Big Three was formed in 2014 which included India, England and Australia.

Committed to the reforms, Manohar has further offered an extra amount of USD 100 million which was denied by BCCI officials for the period of the eight-year cycle 2016-2023.

After the BCCI voted against the new reforms in the ICC’s constitution, the board is bound to receive USD 293 million after making a massive reduction from USD 570 million as the Indian cricket board was outvoted by 8-2 with Sri Lanka cricket also questioning the ICC’s governance and revenue model.

In the Special General Meeting on May 7 (Sunday), BCCI decided not to go against the Members Participation Agreement (MPA) while deciding to defend the title which will kick off in England and Wales on June.

Interestingly, had the board served a complaint against ICC, the BCCI would have had missed the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy followed by hosting ICC tournament or participating in the event until cycle would’ve come to an end.

    Tahir Ibn Manzoor is a staffer at, who follows cricket like food after listening to running commentary on a transistor radio when he was only eight, and penned down the scorecard when he turned 11. He Tweets @TahirIbnManzoor

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