Shoaib Akhtar Says Jasprit Bumrah's Back Will Not Allow Him To Play All Formats

Shoaib Akhtar Says Jasprit Bumrah’s Back Will Not Allow Him To Play All Formats

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Team India pacer Japrit Bumrah is one of the best bowlers in cricket. He has proved his worth by stellar performances across formats. When Jasprit Bumrah first broke into the national team many doubted him for his weird action, but he silenced his doubters with some remarkable performances with the ball in hand. He was also hailed by Shoaib Akhtar.

The Indian pacer has a tough action which strains his back too much and for the same reason, Team India prefer to use him on short bursts.

Former Pakistan pacer feels it will be difficult for Jasprit Bumrah to continue playing in all formats because of his action and the strain it causes on his back.

Jasprit Bumrah is yet to play a Test at home after shining in overseas matches. He was injured just before the three-match Test series against South Africa at home last year.

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Till when will his back withstand that much load. It had to break down Says Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar said he had been discussing with his friends that Jasprit Bumrah will face a break down due to his back. The Pakistani pacer lauded Jasprit Bumrah for his hardwork and dedication too.

“Bumrah has a difficult action. He cannot play in all formats. It is his braveness that he showed his skills in Test matches. He is a very hard working guy and is very focused. He knows where he wants to go,” Shoaib asserted.

“But will his back support him. Till when will his back withstand that much load. It had to break down. I was watching his matches before he broke down. I was telling my friends that he will break down.”

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India Needs To Use Fragile Bumrah With Care

Shoaib Akhtar explained that even though Jasprit Bumrah has a short run-up — it is his action which is putting a load of pressure on his back.

He said that the player and his captain have to be very careful about such a brilliant talent to not to go waste due to injuries.

“They (Friends) told me that it was just 4-5 steps run-up. I told them it is not a question of steps but about loading during the delivery stride, his back will not be able to sustain that much,” Shoaib maintained.

“A niggle will happen and that’s what happened. I think he broke down after a couple of Test matches. He has to be very careful and his captain. Because you get very few such talents.” 

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Shoaib Akhtar. Image Credit: AFP.

The Rawalpindi Express had his knee problems cause much distress to him in his career. He told in a recent interview that post-1997 his knees were really problematic and he had to play with pain on injections.