Former Indian Captain, the definition of ‘Aggression’ Sourav Ganguly felt that India underestimated England spinner Moeen Ali. According to him India have not played Moeen Ali the way they should have during the second and third Tests in the ongoing five-match Test series in England. The main reason of the batting disaster because India has seen Moeen Ali as a batsman, not a bowler, and neglected him. Bengal Tiger recently said that in test cricket every kind of bowler should be respected. He also added that Indian batsmen worked hard to face the British bowlers like James Anderson and Stuart Board.

Being a batsman, he is highlighted in this test series as he took 19 wickets so far, and placed himself in the top three highest wicket takers. His bamboozlement of the Indian batsmen reminded him of Graeme Swann and Monty Panesar‘s destruction of the Indian batting line-up in the 2012-13 Test series in India.

When he was asked about the future of this test series, he replied that he put his faith on the Indians who are lately in a bad shape. This talented Indian team can revive any time, added Dada. But the main important thing is how India stands up to that test. However he is not too perturbed about the overall batting failure and said India can fight back to a win in the next test. He still believes that India can turn things around at the Oval. He also conveyed his view regarding the weakness of the England team which could be helpful for the Indian Team. He said that the third and fourth seamers of England are a weakness of this team.

He also said that Ravindra Jadeja should bat more maturely as being a star successful all-rounder. According to him Jadeja is a good player, he just need to toil more. He is not too concerned about Virat’s performance rather he is worried about Sikhar Dhawan.

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