Sourav Ganguly's name came during the argument which upset me: Manoj Tiwary

Shashi / 25 October 2015

Manoj Tiwari has revealed that he got angry after the name of Sourav ganguly came up during the heated arguement against Gautam Gambhir during the Ranji Trophy match between Bengal and Delhi. He added that he has talked about this with Sourav Ganguly as well.

He added that he doesn’t exactly remember what was said. Also, he said that as they represent Bengal, they don’t want anyone to speak about the people and the community. Sledging is fine but one should know the line and shouldn’t be crossing it. He said that Gambhir made racist comments against Bengali and Sourav Ganguly.

Tiwari added that the spat started after the Delhi players accused him of wasting time in the middle. But he added that he is not one of those players who would revert to these cheap tactics

Tiwari also added that he forgot the cushion of his helmet and went to bat with his cap as the spinners were bowling but soon asked for helmet for which he was also accused of wasting time. However, he denied to speak about the details he was asked by the match referee. BCCI has now received an official detail explanation .

The match saw many heated instances. Delhi’s vice-captain Unmukt Chand  had one with Aamir Gani. Ashok Dinda had once bowled even after the batsman Yogesh Nagar had backed off.

Tiwari said that he doesn’t know about the first incident much but added that since the bowler puts a lot of effort before the ball, he is bound to get hurt if a batsman backs off at the end moment.

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