Whereas, N Srinivasan is preparing to blow in the ICC meeting next month as the representative of the Board of Control for the Cricket in India, Harish Salve, the petitioner’s Senior Counsel, has been filled in the condition. As Salve thinks that it would be the disdain of the jurisprudence. “If he does so, I will tee off the contention on the next-hearing date (April 16). I’m and then far to read the Supreme Court order and they will come to decide if it is contempt of the law. We offered him to flex out the copy of the decree, to which the senior Advocate says, ‘would get it from the Court’.” Salve said over telephone from Delhi.

Wally Edwards, the chairman of the Cricket Australia, has been asked that if the organization would be gratified in working with N Srinivasan, after he got staved off from the BCCI as he is not fit to lead the organization and Court has stamped the word ‘nauseating’ on him. Wally answered back quickly by saying, “We cannot give opinion on that. It is the interim matter of the Indian Cricket Board and there is no detail to discuss over that.”

Cricket Australia is one of the ‘big three’ partners according to ICC’s new rule, whereas England and India are the other two big partners. Withal, the England and Wales Cricket Board did not leave any commentary on the issue.

However, it can be feigned that Srini has kept his birth in the ICC safe so far, but the other cricket playing countries are vigorously succeeding the update of the evolutions in the Indian cricket. Ace of the presidents of the national cricket board, which had antagonized ICC’s ‘Big Three’ proposal at the beginning said over phone from overseas, “Please keep us informed about the day-to-day updates.”

Harish Salve, who has been the Senior Counsel, appearing for the Cricket Association of Bihar, has passed on a rocklike tussle to wipe out Srini from the BCCI in the Supreme Court on Friday.

There will be no supplementary enquiry that will run on Srini, because the accusation against him by the Indian Premier League Probe Committee appointed by Apex Court is ample enough for the honorable court to take down Srini from the office of president, but still provided him the life-line.

Srini can ring in himself in a deep soup as the hardest time about his fate is not over so far. There is another case that is probably proceeding to be found out in Mumbai High Court on April 4. “Aditya Verma has stood up to the BCCI’s constitution that has retailored the rule of rotation policy for the president. It was East Zone’s turn to have new president in the next AGM in September”, Naresh Makani, the former member of the Bihar Cricket Association said.

Another criminal case, nevertheless, has been lodged by Naresh Makani, an activist, against the BCCI, Srinivasan and the other panel members. He said that he shriveled his money on match-tickets as he did not enjoy the last season of the IPL as the matches were fixed. He had thrown out an ear in front of the Mudgal probe committee likewise.





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