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Is there any life without water and air? Of course Not. Is there any T20 game without sixes? Of course Not.

You will be astounded after hearing the number of sixes hit in each edition of IPL since its inception as looking at the stats, it looks like bowlers in this league have just been mere spectators getting hit for sixes by batsmen in most of the games.

In IPL 2008. a total of 617 times the ball went over boundary whereas a total of 490 sixes were hit in IPL 2009, played in South Africa. The number increased next season where 562 sixes were hit with RCB’s Robin Uthappa smacking 27 sixes.

In the year 2011, where 10 teams were involved in a total of 74 games, saw a big surge in the number of sixes hit as a total of 638 sixes were hit in that season.

Just an increase in two games in next season saw a big change as the number of sixes in 2012 IPL crossed all the barriers and in the end, the count showed the number 732.

The year 2013 and 2014 saw a decline in the number of sixes as the number dropped down to 674 and 606 in next two seasons respectively.

The past two seasons have been good in this regard as there was an increase in number in 2015 season where ball flew over the boundary rope 692 times compared to 632 times in 2016.

This year again, the toll has reached a number of 694 sixes and in all possibility, it will reach the magical number of 700 this season.

This year’s IPL has seen highest average sixes per match as 11.96 is the average number of sixes in each game whereas 11.53 is the second best average sixes per game which came in the year 2015.

IPL 2009 saw the lowest average in these terms as only saw 490 sixes were hit then, which resulted in the average is just 8.30.

With each passing year, the number of sixes in an edition is increasing and this year we have seen the highest average of sixes hit per match.

Surely, this shows that batsmen are focusing more on clearing boundary clean and we might see more and more records being tumbled in upcoming seasons of IPL.

Here is the list of number of sixes and average sixes hit in an edition of IPL since the inception of tournament –

Year Matches Sixes Average
2008 59 617 10.45
2009 59 490 8.30
2010 60 562 9.36
2011 74 638 8.62
2012 76 732 9.63
2013 76 674 8.86
2014 60 606 10.1
2015 60 692 11.53
2016 60 632 10.53
2017 58 694 11.96


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