Australian star batsman Steve Smith has found a place in top 10 of ICC’s all-time batting rankings. Smith, who is in his form of his life with the bat has been listed at the number 10 spot in the list that is led by Sir Donald Bradman.

During the latest ICC rankings for the batsmen, Steve Smith was at the top with 936 rating points, his highest till date. This puts him ahead of AB de Villiers, Jacques Kallis and Matthew Hayden, who were earlier at the tenth spot with 935 rating points. With this Smith finds himself a place in the prestigious list. Bradman, the leader of the pack had 961 points in 1948 when he was playing India.  

The top 10 has former Aussie batsman Ricky Ponting along with England batsmen Len Hutton, Peter May, Jack Hobbs apart from the West Indian trio of Viv Richards, Garry Sobers and Clyde Walcott. Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara completes the list. India’s Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sunil Gavaskar find themselves on the 30th, 34th and 22nd positions respectively. West Indian legend Brian Lara is at the 25th position while Sourav Ganguly is not even in the top 100 of the list.


According to the ICC, the ratings have often been described as a measure of form, but this is a simplification. A form rating would only look at what a player has done in (say) the last year, whereas our ratings take into account a player’s entire career — though they put more emphasis on what he has done recently. The organisation described the ratings as a “snapshot of greatness. When it comes to judging a player’s greatness over his career, it’s necessary to look at his entire graph rather than his peak. Players make the all-time list by sustaining excellent form over a prolonged period. The ratings shown are the highest points these players have attained and no player is allowed to appear on the list more than once.

Here is the top 10 batsmen who are included in the list:

1. Don Bradman (Australia), 961 v India, February 1948

2. Len Hutton (England), 945 v West Indies, March 1954

3. Jack Hobbs (England) 942 v Australia, August 1912

3. Ricky Ponting (Australia) 942 v England, December 2006

5. Peter May (England) 941 v Australia, August 1956

6. Clyde Walcott (West Indies) 938 v Australia, June 1955

6. Viv Richards (West Indies) 938 v England, March 1981

6. Garfield Sobers (West Indies) 938 v India, January 1967

6. Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) 938 v England, December 2007

10. Steve Smith (Australia) 936 v England, July 2015


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