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Telangana Court issues Arrest Warrant against Maria Sharapova

After Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is all set to go to a Court’s Decision over branding him as a Hindu God, it’s the time for Maria Sharapova, present Highly Rated Tennis’ Woman player and highest earning Woman Tennis star.

After gaining some confidence from a Court in Andhra region, now a court in Telangana region is all set to arrest the big Tennis Star. After all Sharapova has admitted that she doesn’t know Sachin Tendulkar who was at Royal Box of Wimbledon for watching his favourite Tennis Star Roger Federer Play.

When a Reporter asked Sharapova at the post-match conference: “Sachin Tendulkar was the other person who came in at the same time as David [Beckham] – do you know who Sachin is?” Sharapova replied, “I don’t.

This is expected to be in plan of getting popular among Indian Cricket fans and get some number of likes on Facebook page and also increment in her Twitter followers.

Even many people and critics are accepting that this act must be in part of the cold war between America and Russia. Once Barak Obama talked about the Great man Sachin Tendulkar, “I don’t know cricket. I don’t know how Sachin plays. But I still try to watch him playing. Because I want to know the reason why my country’s economy goes 0.5% down when he is batting.”

According to Russian secret sources, their income actually goes down by 5% while Sachin bats, 10 times more than USA’s so instead of getting it exposed, Maria was used as medium by the USSR government and tried to troll USA as Sharapova said that she doesn’t know Sachin Tendulkar.

For whichever purpose Sharapova said that, it is finally going to act in return to her as The Cricket’s Most Greatest Player ever, who is considered as “GOD of Cricket” by whole Cricketing world, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar’s devotees, who worship him as God and Cricket as religion have filed a case against Sharapova for hurting their religious sentiments.

Without expecting any reply to summons from her like the earlier thing happen in MS Dhoni’s issue, couldn’t wait to watch the hot figured lady directly, this Court sent an arrest warrant straight away to appear just a Day before she will be playing her next match.

Some Sharapova fans, who defended her titled her as Alia Bhatt. An interesting thing in it was Alia Bhatt came out admitting that see knows about Maria, “I am happy that people have titled my name to Maria Sharapova. I love seeing her playing and smashing the ball out of the fence, especially the Helicopter Shot.”

It is quite embarrassing whether she knows what actually Cricket is, as its nothing without Sachin and she might be knowing players like Ishant Sharma who copied hair style of Masha. This can also produce some positives for Legendary Batsman like Rohit Sharma, who can now this he is equal to Sachin Tendulkar, as both are unknown to Maria Sharapova.

It might be intentional or unintentional aspect from Sharapova over Sachin Tendulkar, but in the end her opinion is going to cost her as she is already considered as, “An Atheist who plays Tennis”.

Disclaimer: This just a funny side of the Maria-Sachin controversy. So whoever reads this should also take this in form of fun and enjoy.