Revealed: The reason why EA sports stopped developing cricket series
Revealed: The reason why EA sports stopped developing cricket series

E.A. sports have put a break to all the hopes of the fans that are waiting anxiously for an updated and attractive version of EA sports cricket game. Speaking four years back in an interview to Gameplanet, Mr. Andrew Wilson said: “Well, this year we re-launched SSX, we re-launched FIFA Street – two products that we haven’t done for a long time that both came back to critical acclaim with great sales, both featured innovative gameplay on both fronts. ea cricket 2019

“There’s authentic street football with FIFA Street, and over-the-top arcade-driven gameplay of SSX with unbelievable online innovation in terms of how you play, so right now cricket is not a focus for us, we’re focused on other things, but we’re always evaluating the market and looking for opportunities to bring new experiences to consumers.”

The real reason for discontinuing the cricket series is that there are only 10 major cricket playing nations. Amongst the ten teams India, Australia and England enjoy the monopoly. So it’s hard for the company to expect profit from this game.

The company has always faced privacy problems in the Indian market and also few years ago they found themselves in a legal deadlock with BCCI and they also lost licensing rights to Indian players. This lead to the death of the game in the Indian market. Considering the population of England and Australia, it’s hard for the company to expect any profit from those countries. So finally, they decided to discontinue their operations in cricket series.

Now the company is only focussing upon football as they have come up with FIFA 2016 which is much better than its previous edition. A comparison between updated version and previous version of the game will surely give you a clear idea that how much the company is focusing upon football. Surely football is fetching them more profits as the game is popular all around the world and also big money is involved in this game. Cricket stands nowhere if compared to football. But MR. Wilson also added that the company will surely again think upon developing cricket series but as of now they have no plans to rethink their decision.

EA Sports 07 was the last game to be released by them. The game underwent major changes in term of graphics control, players attributes etc. The game was a great hit in the market as it was the best game at that time.
Still many patches are available on the internet through which we can change teams jersey, players face and can add few tournaments to the game but no changes have been made to playing style and controls which prevent the consumers from playing the game again.