Former Pakistan batting stalwart Mohammad Yousuf has said that it would be unfair to compare India’s new batting sensation Virat Kohli to Legend Sachin Tendulkar as the latter faced better bowlers in his time which the former hasn’t yet. He also said that when it comes to technique, there is no one better than the Master Blaster himself. 

He said: 

“One of the reasons (why batting has changed so much), according me, are the new field restrictions, with five fielders inside the circle at any given time, and new balls from both the ends. Also, by and large, the quality of bowling has gone down. Cricket is becoming easier and easier for batsmen.

“People compare Kohli with Sachin (Tendulkar), but, according to me, Sachin played better bowlers, which I think Kohli hasn’t yet. As you saw, Kohli faced a few problems facing the England bowlers recently. He looks a little weak in the channel outside off stump. But, overall, if you see the package, he is a very compact player, full of confidence, and the places he has scored his runs, his performances in Tests and one-dayers; without a doubt he is one of the best, but to match Sachin, it will still take a while longer.” 

Yousuf, a veteran of 90 Tests and 288 ODIs, lavished praise on New Zealand’s batting star Kane Williamson by saying that from the past two years along with AB de Villiers, Virat Kohli and Hashim Amla, he has looked dangerous across all formats in all conditions . 

“AB de Villiers or Virat Kohli or even Hashim Amla … these guys are fantastic players. But, according to me, the player that has looked very dangerous in all formats, in all conditions, has been Kane Williamson. Although he has had a short career, he has impressed me a lot. He reads the situation very well and is a compact player. For example, against Australia, the situation was tough. We saw top bowling, top cricket… in such a situation, he played a very important innings, he played really well on the back foot, he also played the lofted shots very well. Against difficult bowling, in difficult situations, to score runs is a big deal,” Yousuf added. 

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