Cricket is a gentleman’s game. However, there are some exceptions to it. Take any sport, there are good things about it and bad things and then there is something called as “controversies”.  It falls under the bad category and perhaps makes the people guessing about the gentlemanly image of the game. The year 2014 was a year in which cricket fans enjoyed a lot. There were many talking points, World Cup T20 and much more. However, the controversy part was also there equally balancing with the good. Let us take a look at the top 10 controversies of the year 2014 which shook the cricketing world

1. Chucking and suspensions:

In 2014, spinners had really a tough time getting their elbow bend less than 15 degrees because that’s the allowable limit. Saeed Ajmal, one of the world’s best spinner at that time was under the scanner as well as Sunil Narine who was suspected to illegal action in the Champions League. Nobody knows why the ICC brought this issue when it should have been done earlier. However, some bowlers got their action cleared and have begun to bowl again while some like Saeed Ajmal still haven’t found the solution which keeps him out of the World Cup 2015.

Top 10 Cricket Controversies in 2014

2. Mohammad Ashraful and Lou Vincent admit of fixing matches:

Both these players from Bangladesh and New Zealand respectively were found guilty of fixing matches in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) this year. Both the players have been banned from playing competitive cricket and are going through a rehabilitation programme by the ICC.

Top 10 Cricket Controversies in 2014

3. DRS controversy:

While India still doesn’t accept DRS? Well, maybe this decision might be an answer to it. Shan Maqsood of Pakistan was given wrongly out by the umpire first and then DRS confirmed the wrong decision. Take a look at the picture. Is Trent Boult an off spinner where the ball spins and hits the stump? Just because it was pitching in line and hit the leg in line of the stumps doesn’t mean he is out. The ball was swinging outside the leg stump and Shan Maqsood could have been saved.

Top 10 Cricket Controversies in 2014

4. Tinashi Panyangara’s WhatsApp message:

Panyangara was expelled for the 3 match ODI series when he shared a video with his teammates on whatsapp group of Mitchell Johnson scaring away the English batsmen in the Ashes. There was a bit of humour but the Zimbabwe team management didn’t take it lightly and suspended him for the series.

Top 10 Cricket Controversies in 2014

5. Jos Butler mankadding:

Jos Butler in an ODI against Sri Lanka repeatedly got out of the crease before the ball was bowled. The bowler Sachitra Senanayake warned him once and then he ran him out the next time which created quite a stir in the cricket fans discussing about the controversy. The rule states than a bowler can run out the non striker before the delivery stride and that’s what he did.

6. West Indies abandon India tour:

In between the ODI series, because of the issue regarding payment, the West Indies called off the India tour and went back home. The WICB and the players spat wasn’t appreciated by the BCCI and it asked for a whooping $42 million as compensation. This controversy was talked on for a very long time till the end of 2014. It is still unclear whether the Windies will participate in the World Cup 2015.

Top 10 Cricket Controversies in 2014

7. Ahmed Shehzad controversy:

When the players were returning to the dressing room, it was heard that Shehzad said to Dilshan(Muslim converted into Buddhist), “If you are a non-muslim and you turn Muslim, no matter whatever you do in life, straight to heaven” What Dilshan replied was inaudible but then Shehzad said “Then get ready for fire”. Religious comments made the situation very sensitive and the cricket fans were absolutely shocked after knowing this.

Top 10 Cricket Controversies in 2014

8. Kevin Pietersen’s England axe:

Perhaps the biggest controversy of this year when England team management decided to axe the former English captain, Kevin Pietersen without giving any reasons. Then there were twitter battles between Cook and Pietersen. Pietersen even wrote an autobiography stating the controversy and this sensitive topic and controversy still remains unsolved and the fans are wanting to know what went wrong in the Ashes dressing room?

9. Tendulkar reveals Chappell incident:

Often regarded as the villain who took Team India down, Greg Chappell’s real identity was brought forward by retired and former Indian player Sachin Tendulakar in his autobiography. He wrote Chappell has come to his place offering him the role of a captain and talked about ruling Indian cricket with dictatorship. Sachin has also explained why he did not bring this up when he was actually playing that time. However, Chappell has denied that he did this.

10. Jadeja-Anderson brawl:

Often regarded as the pushgate scandal, the BCCI lodged an official complaint against James Anderson of abusing and pushing him when they were going to the dressing room. Later, there was a lot which went on for a month as England too didn’t leave Jadeja and he was fined 50% of his match fee. Dhoni expressed his displeasure against the fine while later Anderson agreed that he abused Jadeja. Both the players’ fine was lifted and they were free after a decision from the court. However, Indian team and the BCCI didn’t agree to the decision and expressed their anger.

Top 10 Cricket Controversies in 2014 

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