11 Cricketers who turned Commentators

Sudipta / 08 August 2015

Cricket commentator gives us more amusement than what we see from our eye. It is their phrases and insight that makes the game special to its fans. It is the commentry which makes a innings of a batsman significant to its fans.

With the evolution of new medium, commentry on Radio and TV has become more important to its fan. Before the domination of TV commentry, cricket was broadcasted live on Radio which was more difficult as commentrator had to make their listener to imagine what was actually going on in the field. But, at the age of digital media commentry has become a tough job as mere discription about the game will not satisty fans.

It needs a special insight on the game, balanced analytical wisdom. Biased, cliché-ridden cracking voice is not commentry which is appriciated. With Tony Greig and Richie Benaud passed away the game in search of his advocate.

Here is the list of TOP 11 cricketer turned commentator who enlighten the game:

11. Rahul Dravid

One of the budding Indian great cricketer turned commentators, Rahul so far is one of the commentators who can grab the attention from the viewers away from the game. His sense of humour is extreme. He looks at the game from different angle and tell something different, which others are not watching, for which a listener awaits keenly. He is not afraid of sledging any co-commentator as he did to Sourav Ganguly and Nasser Hussain during the cricket World Cup 2015 which was entertaining to every viewers back home. 

10. Sourav Ganguly

The former India captain is one of the few good commentators in India right now. Before him only one commentrator who erned appriciation for informative and insightful commentry was Harsha Bhogle. But, Harsha is not cricketer, he is fan of this game and become a expart. Ganguly, gave Indian audience a chance to listen to get rid of those rotten meaning less high pitched voices like Ravi Shastri and Arun Lal.

9. Nasser Hussain

The former England captain has featured in the list as he become one of the cricketers who adopted the new profession just after retirement from cricket in 2003. He is the best in England, and we can listen his indepth discussion about the game during the ongoing Ashes. But, prejudice is something which destroy reputation that happen to Hussain 2011 when he call visiting Indian player Parthiv Patel as “Donkey.” His dig on BCCI for not accepting decision review system was one of his negative point. Beside these, he can keep viewers glued with the TV set behind the mic.

8. Michael Holding

The legendry fast bowler could glue the listeners with his dense voice. But, he too sits behind the mic with prejudice. He never appricated allrounder Darren Sammy for his good performnaces; and is critical to the shortest form of the game T20, as a result he never regards Kieron Pollard as cricketer.

7. Mark Taylor

He is one of the saint commentrator who took inspiration from the game itself to describe. He is one of the cricket greats who became famous Australian commentatrors. Right now, besides Ian Chappell there are no good commentator. Right now, Channel Nine commentry team is featured by Michael Slater and Ian Healy. But none of them are as good as Mark. Mark is the only man who carrying the legacy of famous Australian commmentators. He never afraid of talking about the most controversial issues.

6. Ian Bishop

Caption: Ian Bishop First from the left

Yes it is Ian Bishop. I can listen him even swithing off the TV as he has God gifted voice and ability to calm in the most exciting moment. He calm and composed demeanour and ability to describe the most exciting moment with insight but quitely has make him special to me.

5. Bill Lawry

Lawry no more does the commentry during summer in Austrlia. The difference is tangible. The legndary Australian batsman was the man who could bring life to a dead Test match. The man from Victoria province of Australia seating with the mic can give a fan far more to imagine about the game. His partnership with late Tony Greig was delight for every cricket fan . They laughed, argued and entaintned us for 33 years, before Tony died in December of 2012.

4. Ian Chappell

Chappell is at his best when Tony Greig, Bill Lawry, Richie Benaud used to feature in the famous Channel Nine commentry team. He is brave speaker of the game, never afraid to take a dig on cricketers. But, he was once proved wrong when he criticsed Sachin for not bidding cricket adieu early. He is also the most controversial man in cricket as he often criticise ICC for its constant rule changes.

3. Mike Atherton

He is considered as the best commentator of 21st century, and will carry on the legacy. All the legends are gradually keeping the commentry box vacant, and new generation of commentators are filling the vacant. Atherton, the former England cricketer, is one of the best cricket expert right now cricket has. He keeps listener always awake with his informative, refressing commentry.

2. David Lloyd

The most recognised voice in cricket world. He is one of the best at Sky Sports. Lloyd covers all England matches; and cover all ICC tournaments for SKY on regular basis. Lloyd phrases makes him special amongst all ccommentrator; his use of the word “wallop” at the World T20 in Sri Lanka last 2012 is a thing of amusement. He is excellent at adapting according to different situations as well. His famous catchphrase “start the car”, which he uses towards the end of a match was conveniently changed to “start the tuk-tuk” at the end of the World Cup in 2011.

1. Ricky Ponting

The youngest amongst bloke on the list; and right now doing well like the way he batted for Australia. Currently he is in England. The best thing about Ponting is his unbiased observation on the game. He does not have prejudice, with an open mind he approach the game from commentry box, just like the former captain read the game. His nonchalant attitude approach right now puts him on the throne.

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