The modern world has progressed much since ancient days of superstitions and myths. But still somewhere deep down the heart, superstitions do exist among most of the individuals in the modern world. Cricketers are no exception to it. There are instances of a number of cricketers being pretty much superstitious on certain minor or sometimes major matters. Indian cricketers seem to be leading the chart. In this very article we are to draw light upon the Top 10 Strangest Superstitions followed by Cricketers.

1. Sachin Tendulkar’s Left Pad First: The God of Cricket even had some superstitions and he remained superstitious throughout his career. Whenever he went to bat, he always put on his left pad first as he believed it to be one of the lucky charms for him. He himself admitted of this fact.

2. Yuvraj’s Magical 12: The bravest player in the game who is known for his brave heart also possess some kind of superstitions within himself. He has a weakness for the number “12”. He always wears jersey number 12 and he considers it as his luckiest number as his birthday is on December which is the 12th month of the year.

3. Sourav Ganguly’s superstitions: DADA was perhaps one of the most superstitious cricketers in the history of the game. He is known for wearing a number of spiritual rings and also he never shaved during a test match while he was the captain of the Indian team.

4. Steve Waugh’s Red Handkerchief: The former Aussie captain was also governed by superstitions to some extent. He used to carry a red handkerchief in his left pocket which was said to be given to him by his grandfather.

5. Chris Gayle’s Mid-way Stance: The Jamaican giant also follows some superstitions. As we all might have noticed that while he comes to bat, he practises some of his favourite shots including the pull shot at the centre of the 22-yards pitch before moving to his crease to bat. He considers it to be lucky for him.

6. Michael Clarke’s Musical Superstitions: It is known that everytime before coming out to bat, Michael Clarke hears some loud music. He considers this as something lucky and he admits that this helps him to concentrate more on his batting.

7. Gautam Gambhir’s Pads-On Strategy: This happens to be one of the funniest superstitions of a cricketer. Gautam Gambhir never opened his pads after he got out early on his innings in IPL. He believes that his team has never lost when he kept on his pads till the end of the game.

8. Sehwag’s Numberless Superstition: Every cricketer seems to have some superstitions with the number on their jersey. Virender Sehwag is a class apart. He has the superstition of wearing a jersey without any numbers on it. He considers it as lucky.

9. Mahela Jayawardena’s Bat Kiss: One of the legendary batsmen from Sri Lanka also seems to pose some superstition. He is known to kiss his bat at frequent intervals while he bats.

10. MSD7: The captain of the Indian Team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni also has some superstitions. He has a weakness for the Number 7. He always wears the jersey number 7 in limited overs game and since his birthday is on the 7th day of July(which is also the 7th month of the year), he considers ‘7’ to be his lucky charm.

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