Fielding was not considered as much as important previously but at modern day cricket, where a single run can make a difference between winning and losing, Fielding contributes to be the most important aspects of the game. It is a well known phrase that Catches win matches. And at the same time fielding has significant importance in the game. One team that fields well, plays well. Here we discuss about the players who were perhaps the best fielders of all times. Here is the list of Top 5 Greatest Fielders in Cricket:

1. Jonty Rhodes: When the word “Fielding” comes in the mind, this name of this man comes immediately next. He was the best fielder of World Cricket and won many matches for his team by fielding only. He pointed to the world the importance of fielding and who could forget his brilliant run out when he ran like a bird from point region to dislodge the bails. This South African in undoubtedly the greatest fielder of all times.

2. Herschelle Gibbs: Another South African in the list. It is true indeed that Herschelle Gibbs was yet another brilliant fielder of the game. There was a time when South African fielding on the off-side was considered non-pierceable with Gibbs and Jhonty up in the off-cordon. Gibbs took several important catches in the game and saved thousands of runs for South Africa on the field throughout his career.

3. Ricky Ponting: This brilliant batsman was an equally great fielder. His reflex catches still remains unbelievable in one’s eyes. In an interview he said that he could not be a successful bowler but he tried to provide cent percent contribution to the team’s good by his fielding and he took fielding pretty seriously and not only he took brilliant catches, but also was quick on the field and at the same time spirited too.

4. Yuvraj Singh: Yuvraj was a stunning fielder for India throughout his career. His brilliance in fielding at crucial times led India to victory most of the times. His quality of fielding did drop by a bit since he was out of the game for Cancer. Yet he does make his name in the list due to the brilliance he did show up in the field previously. He took great catches and also his direct throws to the stumps even from the boundary regions were pretty much consistent. He and Mohammad Kaif took Indian fielding into the level of the best fielding side for a team. When Yuvraj fielded in the point region, batsmen found it hard to hit boundaries through the point region.

5. Suresh Raina: This spirited player also makes his name in the list. He is indeed a great player and does possess the abilities of taking reflex catches and is also very much athletic on the field. His throws at the stumps are also sensational and 8 out of 10 times, he hits the stumps irrespective of the distance and angle from where he is aiming the stumps. He is one of the quickest players in the game too and can cover distances of two fielding positions at ease. In addition to that, he is pretty much spirited and leads the fielding department as a unit and spreads confidence among his fielding colleagues too.  

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