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Top 5 International Cricket Grounds

Cricket ground is not only the place where cricketer only scores and makes is the place where sentiments are attached with the cricketers. Sometimes, many teams win the matches not by only their cricketing skills by also the charisma of cheering. Cheering encourages a lot which work as motivation for cricketers. Here is an interactive article by us where we have tried to present the list of 5 best cricket grounds with respect to its beauty and atmosphere. So now let’s talk about world’s top cricket grounds.

1. LORDS Cricket ground:- Lords is known as ‘Mecca of cricket’ .it was established way back in 1814. It is named after Thomas Lord.The ground is privately owned by the Marylebone Cricket Club, is the home to the ECB and, from 1909 to 2005, the ICC. The main grandstand was built in 1997 and replaced the architecturally unique structure designed by Sir Herbert Baker which was opened in time for the 1926 Ashes Test.

The ground capacity is not much, it can hold around 30,000 audience in the gallery. Every ground has two ends that is Pavilion End, Nursery End. It has 7 stands that is i.Warner Stand ii.Grand Stand iii.Compton Stand iv.Media Centre v.Edrich Stand vi.Mound Stand vii.Tavern Stand viii. Allen Stand.

The first Test match in this ground was played by England versus Australia in 1884. England won that match. The first ODI match is also played by England vs Australia in 1972 and this time Australia won that match. Playing in a Test at Lord’s remains to many cricketers the pinnacle of a career.


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2. Eden Gardens:-  This ground is emotionally attached to every people of Kolkata and perhaps to most people in India. Eden Gardens is situated at Kolkata, India. It was established in 1864. It has become something of a place of pilgrimage for most international cricketers, a chance to strut their stuff in front of the most passionate and vocal crowd in the game.

This ground has two ends named High Court End and Pavilion End. The ground has floodlights supports for day night match.

The first Test was played between India and England in 1934. That match was drawn. The first ODI match was played between India and Pakistan in 1987. Pakistan won that match.

Previously, the ground had a capacity of 120,000 but after its renovation prior to 2011 World Cup, capacity is reduced to around 66000 Spectators. This ground is by far one of the largest cricket grounds of the world with respect to capacity. The crowd is very energetic and enthusiastic of this ground.


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3. The Oval: Another heritage name of ground is ’The Oval’. It was formerly known as The AMP Oval, The Foster’s Oval, The Brit Oval, The Kia Oval. This is the historic venue where the Ashes series was born a couple of years after the inaugural Test, in August 1882.This ground was established in 1845. It also supports Floodlight facility since 2009.

The first Test match was played between England vs Australia in 1880.England won that match. The first ODI was played between England vs West Indies in 1973.West Indies Won that Match.

It’s capacity of holding spectators is around 23500.


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4. Melbourne Cricket Ground :  This Ground was established in 1854.The Melbourne Cricket Ground is regarded as Australia’s premier sporting venue. This ground is floodlight enabled since 1985.

The first Test match was played on this ground between England vs Australia in 1877. Australia won their home match. The first ODI was played between England vs Australia in 1971.

It can hold around 97000 spectator including standing room.  it is an imposing stadium: the three-tiered Great Southern Stand (completed in 1992) bounds the perimeter of one half of the ground and holds close to 50,000 people. It has two end named Members End, Great Southern Stand End.


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5. Sydney Cricket Ground:  Sydney Ground is knownas Garrison Ground, Association Ground. This was established in 1848. Its playing area is 156.0 m long and 154.0 m wide. It has floodlight capacity.  It is owned and operated by the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust, a sports company that also manages the Sydney Football Stadium located next door.

It has capacity of holding approx. 46000 spectators.

First test match was played between England vs Australia in 1882 and Australia won that match.

But it is more often than not, the ground where cricketers, choose to bid farewell to international cricket. Justin Langer, Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne took retirement by playing their last test match here on the same day when Australia beat England in the final Ashes Test match of 2007 by a thumping 10-wicket margin, to win the series 5-0 out of 5 and helping the team bring the Ashes back to Australia in emphatic fashion.