Five So Called Selfish Cricketers Of All Time
Selfish Cricketers
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Five So Called Selfish Cricketers Of All Time

Five So-Called Selfish Cricketers Of All Time. Cricket is often called a ‘Gentleman’s Game’ but more often than not, it is seen that the gentleman’s game is stained by various notorious activities. Also for the proper play of the game, team-spirit is extremely necessary. Priority for the team must come first then only one should go for the attainment of personal records. We have seen plenty of activities in the game and also there has been quite a number of players who used to play just for the attainment of their personal records and bothered less about the team by considering it as secondary. Here we are about to discuss the TOP 5 MOST SELFISH CRICKETERS.

Top Five So-Called Selfish Cricketers Of All Time

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Geoffrey Boycott: Well there might be plenty of eyes getting shocked by seeing this legendary cricketer’s name in this list but a few instances do make him in the list. Boycott had been selfish in his cricketing days and he used to play very slow cricket so that he himself can score a big and at many occasions, England drew some matches which were supposed to be won due to his excessive defensiveness. In fact, Boycott was dropped in  1967 after a test where he scored an unbeaten 246 runs. The reason was he being too much selfish and scoring very slowly without bothering for the team.