The season of awe inspiring lofted shots over the grounds, the stunning catches just within the ropes and the diving saves to prevent a certain boundary has finally arrived and cheerleaders and people alike are jumping with joy at the onset itself. However today we do not go into that hoopla but present to you the top 5 batsmen of T20 cricket, the living giants who are at the helm of the 20 overs format. The selections may not be agreeable and are open for debate but then if you do not like them, then you surely deserve to drown in a spoon of water (pun intended).They are surely to be watched out for.  

05. Chris Gayle: This tall jovial West Indian can bring tears to any opposition when he gets going. His ability to attack from the start and clear the stands is legendary. Having a strike rate of 143.32 in International t20 cricket this man features in the 5th position in this list of the greatest t20 batsmen.

Chris Gayle ( )


04. David Warner: Joe Root got a live demo of his ability in an England bar but then he’s a slow learner for all the players in t20 cricket have learned to respect and fear him. David with his majestic willow can tame even the tallest Goliaths of the game and with a strike rate of 138 he’s certainly poised to do so in the Champions Trophy.

 David Warner ( )  


03. Shane Watson: Mentored by Matthew Hayden and preferring a shock and awe style of batting to subdue the opposition, Shane Watson is number 3 on our list of the top 5 batsmen in t20 cricket. England learned it the hard way when on 29th August 2013 he hit a 16 ball 37 to guide Australia to a mammoth score of 248 in 20 overs. Watson has a strike rate over 150 and is one of the big favourites to make it large in this season of the Champions League.

 Shane Watson ( )

 02. Alex Hales: He’s the challenger in the top 5, the man who’s on a mission to reset the order and become the best. Sometimes touted as the best batsman of t20 cricket and often mistaken as an amateur newbie, this guy can really get under the bowling if not contained. His only problem is that he has never kissed the three figure mark but at 24 years and 257 days, he has got a lot of time to do so. Alexander Hales is the number 2 man in our list of the top 5 batsmen in t20 cricket. He’s certainly to be watched out for as he’s scored an awesome 94 in his last match at Chester-le-street. 

Alex Hales   

01. Brendon McCullum: Brash, brutal and brilliant to watch, Brendon McCullum can bruise bowling attacks like few other men in international cricket. His ability has become the stuff of legends and his power hitting of the ball out of the ground has become a bed time story used by coaches on budding cricketers. Feared and respected all over the world and with a strike rate of 136, McCullum is the best t20 batsman. He can be the patient innings builder and can also be the destructive demon to vandalise perfect bowling spells. He can do it all. Watch him folks!!   

brendon-mccullum ( )      


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