We cannot think cricket without dismissal, but today we are going to present you some worst weird dismissals in cricket history. Let’s see those glimpses of the dismissals.

5. Monty Panesar vs. Inzamam Ul Haq: This comic incident happened in 2006 Pakistan vs. England series at Headingley Carnegie Cricket Ground. When Pakistani Skipper Inzamam-Ul-Haq missed a sweep against Monty Panesar, was hit in the midriff by the ball, lost his balance and collapsed on to his stumps (and nearly into the wicket-keeper Chris Read). Actually, he followed the ball and tried to sweep that forwarding his front leg. He somehow lost his balance and hit the wicket badly. This dismissal is at the bottom of this list.

4. Dwayne Bravo vs. Kevin Pieterson: In the third Test at Old Trafford, he carried on his bad run on the ground being bounced out twice for 9 and 68. In the second innings, Pietersen lost his wicket in a bizarre dismissal when West Indian all-rounder Dwayne Bravobowled a good bouncer that dislodged the helmet. Replays suggested that the force of the ball broke the chinstrap, freeing the lid to strike the stumps. He is only the fourth batsman in Test cricket to be dismissed “hit wicket” as a result of headgear falling onto the stumps. This Dismissal is at number 4th rank in this list.

3.Kapil Dev vs. Peter Kirsten: India’s tour of South Africa in 1992-93 was a significant one. It was the series that marked the ‘Proteas’ re-entry into world cricket post the Apartheid era, after 23 long years, and was also India’s first ever tour of the Rainbow Nationin December 9, 1992, the “Friendship Series” between India and South Africa in the Rainbow Nation took an unfriendly turn when Kapil Dev ‘Mankaded’ South African batsman Peter Kirsten.As Kapil charged towards the bowling crease, he noticed – not for the first time in the series – that Kirsten was backing up too far. Without any warning, Kapil knocked off the bails at the non-striker’s end, turned back and gave the umpire a you-know-that’s-out-now-send-him-packing look, shooed Kirsten off towards the pavilion and then showed three fingers to Wessels, telling him that it was the third time that Kirsten had repeated the act. Umpire Cyrus Mitchley had no choice but to give it out. He was later to say, “As much as I respect Kapil, I didn’t agree with what he did then.” This dismissal is known as ‘Mankad’ dismissal as it happened before and for the first time by Vinod Mankad. Vinod Mankad ran out Bill Brown at the bowler’s end when the Aussie opener backed up too far before the ball was delivered in 1947.

2.Vinod Mankad vs.Bill Brown: South Africa’s Russell Endean himself became the first batsman in Test annals to be given out for ‘handling the ball’ in January 1957 when he padded away a ball from England’s Jim Laker. The ball was pitched outside of the off stump, as it deflected towards stumps he just palmed it away. This weird out is standing at 2nd position in this list.

1.Sir Len Hutton: The great English batsman Sir Len Hutton’s weird out to be at number 1 in this list. He was the only batsman who was given out for deliberately obstructing the field. A ball from South Africa’s Athol Rowan hit Hutton’s bat handle and rose straight up in the air. The ball fell on to the wickets but he swiped the ball away and prevented it from falling on to the wicket. The wicket keeper Russell Endean was poised to take the catch and successfully appealed for obstruction.

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