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Shashi / 19 October 2015

Virender Sehwag, the first Indian to score a triple century in Test cricket, came into the limelight for playing his brand of cricket. If it’s there to be hit, the ball will reach where it deserves to, no matter who the bowler is. We bring you some of the best quotes on Virender Sehwag:


‘The best way to know how Virender Sehwag’s mind works is to sit next to him in the players’ balcony when India are batting. Every few minutes he will clutch his head and yell, ‘Chauka gaya’ or ‘Chhakka gaya’. That’s his way of expressing disappointment at somebody’s failure to take advantage of a ball that he thought deserved to be hit for four or six. That’s how he thinks, in fours and sixes.’: Sourav Ganguly


Sehwag can change the course of a match with the ease of Moses parting the Red Sea – Ian Chappell


When Viv Richards retired, I thought it was end of entertainment. But then came Sehwag, the King of entertainment! – Rameez Raja 

I have to learn from Sehwag how to play in the nervous 90s – Sachin Tendulkar


I would think ‘Abhi out hua, abhi out hua [He looks like he is going to get out soon]’, and suddenly he would be 100 in 100 balls – Harbhajan Singh 


 He almost manipulates the field. You change it, and it’s like he says: ‘Right, I’m going to hit it somewhere else now’ – Andrew Strauss


Sehwag didn’t redefine his game because of his batting. He redefined the position with his batting – John Wright 





No matter how good and experienced you are, he can kill your attitude Brett Lee


Sehwag is a miracle, Sehwag is an institution  – Navjot Singh Sidhu 


A batsman like Sehwag is never out of form – Michael Hussey


 Sehwag is the most unpredictable batsman I have ever seen in my career – Glenn McGrath 


Have to say Sehwag is the best player in the world to watch. Fearless. – Michael Vaughan 


No one can maximise the first 10 overs better than Sehwag – Rahul Dravid 


I would always have Sehwag in my team. I want to watch him bat but not bowl to himShane Warne


Players like Sehwag bring crowd back to Test cricket – Kapil Dev 



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