India has won their first test match at Lord’s in 28 years. The majority of that credit goes to some devastating bowling by a certain Ishant Sharma who picked up 7 wickets in the final innngs and he now holds the best bowling figures at Lord’s.

After being the scapegoat for many years, Ishant Sharma here are some of the best tweets about Ishant Sharma and his 7-wicket haul. 

Well, this was coming. The Ishant Sharma jokes will have to be saved in drafts for some months now. 

Not technically everything but… Who am I kidding. He’s seen everything cricket can offer him. 

Debatable I’d say but the guy is dealing in facts here.

Ignoring the fact that this guys is bad with spellings[Yes, you’d spot the Immidiately too] but the guy has good observation skills.

No Ishant, NO! Don’t do it son!

Yes people, we have finally found him. Sharma ji ka beta has been found. I repeat, Sharma ji ka beat has been found.

Longer hair, taller body and he bowls spin and is not an actor. Apart from all this, they’re a complete match I’d say.

If this performance doesn’t bring Ache din, there is nothing that ever will. 

As an Indian, maybe the emotions change. Words remain the same.

I feel you bro. I feel you. 

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