Running between the wickets is a tricky task with a slight lapse in calling or responding can easily result in a run-out or worse, result in an embarrassing situation for both batsmen. The task of running between the wickets gets even more difficult when there’s an additional batsman out there running for an injured player.  

Here is a perfect example of confusion when there are three batsmen involved on the pitch simultaneously in a ODI match between Australia Vs. England.

The ball was played softly by the batsman and sub-consciously moves his feet forward and the non-striker inadvertently shifted his focus on the batsman facing the ball instead of the player running for him.

Amidst the confusion, the fielder at point did throw the ball at the non-strikers end expecting to get a dismissal at the bowler’s end as the batsman at the striker’s end didn’t seem to move. Neither did he or the bowler realize that after a brief hesitation the runner had eventually taken off and made his ground.

But still the bowler and the fielders looked totally clueless and put the bells off the stumps from non-striker’s end hoping to get a run-out. The bemused look on Michael Clarke’s face said it all. Everyone was looking around to figure out what exactly had transpired on the pitch.

Ultimately, after the replay was shown on the stadium’s big screen, Brett Lee and his fellow Australians saw the funny side of the whole situation and indeed it was one.



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